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March 5, 2006


Ed Champion has gathered a batch of the best and brightest, including authors Jonathan Ames and Kelly Link (plus myself) to blog about the Oscars.

Stones Throw Records has started a podcast, the debut episode is a tribute to the recently departed J Dilla.

The Guardian lists the "top 50 players in the world of books."

In the New York Times, David Pogue lists how to be a curmudgeon on the internet.

5. If it's a mixed review, ignore the passages that balance the argument. Pretend that the entire review is all positive or all negative. Refer to it either as a "rave" or a "slam."

The Kansas City Star an Oscar win for the screenplay of "A History of Violence" would have on both comics and film.

If “A History of Violence” does win the Oscar for best adapted screenplay, “comics should take credit for it and we will take credit for it,” said comic-book writer and comics industry analyst John Jackson Miller, whose latest comic is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

“The thing that may make it harder to connect the dots here is that A History of Violence is not a traditional comic book,” Miller said. “It is from an imprint of DC Comics and is more literally a graphic novel. It was not presented in the same serialized manner as 95 percent of comics.

“Another challenge is going to be that, as with ‘Road to Perdition,’ people will not necessarily say, ‘My gosh, it was a comic book,’ because they’re not familiar with it as a comic-book property, which reads as ‘superhero.’

“But it might send one more producer into comics to look for material. And they might not just look at the superhero stuff.”

Adherents lists the religious affiliations of comic book characters.

The Observer wonders if any of 2005's films will become classics.

Belle & Sebastian perform "Funny Little Frog" on Conan O'Brien last Wednesday:

Pope Benedict XVI is now an official iPod owner.

if:book examines the Brokeback Mountain video remixes and their sociological implications.

Top Shelf Productions, the comics publisher, has a blog.

Two videos from Robert Pollard's February 11th solo show at Southgate House have popped up on YouTube:

When Apes Rule The Earth! flattered me yesterday by calling me "the William H. Macy of blogging" (I think it was flattery).


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