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March 8, 2006


At Yer Little Sister, author Tara Altebrando (aka Tara McCarthy) shares a music playlist for her young adult book, The Pursuit of Happiness. I didn't even know MTV had a book imprint...

see also: Tara's "book notes" playlist for her debut novel, Love Will Tear Us Apart

Calexico talks to Harp about their new album, Garden Ruin (out April 11th).

"John and I prefer the more abstract and less the tried-and-true literal kind of songwriting," explains Burns. "I'm much more a fan of symbolism or abstractness and the way it can open up rather than close in on an idea." Hence Garden Ruin is, in that yin-yang way, not what it seems to be yet at the same time everything it seems to be and so much more.

Dose interviews singer-songwriter Imogen Heap.

You were very active on your blog while creating your album. How did the fan interaction help?

When I started making the album I didn’t really have a blog. When I started coming into the studio, there was nobody around me to make sure I wasn’t slacking. And I could just go and have lunch for four hours and nobody was going to tell me not to. So James my webmaster wanted me to set up a blog. He said it’d be really interesting for fans to see how you’re making the record. So I was like ‘Yeah, I guess so. I’ll give it a go.” But at the time I didn’t realize how much it would help me. But everyday in the studio I’d finish the day and I’d sort of round it up, and it’s really helpful for me to go ‘Ok, in the morning I did this and I’m having a bit of a problem with this, but I think if I do that, it’d help that.” And seeing it on the page, it was just like ‘that was really helpful.’ And I’d wanted to make sure that I had done something to write about the next day. So it was really helpful knowing somebody was there keeping an eye on me.

The Onion A.V. Club lists ten memorable Saturday Night Live musical moments.

The Guardian examines celebrities who write children's books, in particular Kylie Minogue.

But Manchester-based author, Adele Geras, who has written more than 80 books for children, warned Kylie not to give up the day job. "It's lovely that Kylie's written a book and I wish her the best of British with it," she said. "But it doesn't sound like a proper book, like a piece of literature. I imagine it's like a Kylie annual, an offshoot of her music and there's nothing wrong with that. Little girls who like Kylie will love the book but I don't think they'll lie awake at night with suspense, wondering what happens next."

Indie Interviews talks to David Bazan, formerly of Pedro the Lion, this week on the podcast.

Comedian Patton Oswalt puts his iPod on shuffle for the Onion A.V. Club.

Penetration, "Don't Dictate"

PO: I think I like this because this is clearly a girl singing; you can just tell she was trying to figure out what to sing and how she was going to express herself, and then she heard either some Sex Pistols or some Stooges and was like, "That's it!" And there's so much glee in her anger; she's really happy to be this pissed-off, and it makes me happy to hear it.

Cassie Berman of the Silver Jews makes a "Get In The Van" mixtape for Discollective.

Label Worthy is an mp3 blog seeking submissions from unsigned bands.

Digital Web lists freebies available at SXSW Interactive, and Box of Chocolates offers suggestions for attendees.

Clever Titles Are So Last Summer is celebrating "Say Yes To Michigan!" as this week's "theme week."


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