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March 13, 2006


The UK band, Four Day Hombre, has sold shares of their record label to their fans.

Ben Denison, a 28-year-old IT manager from Leeds, has ploughed £2,400 into Four Day Hombre.

"I thought it was an opportunity I couldn't really miss," he says.

"I had to get it past the girlfriend first - it was a new kitchen or a share in an indie record label."

London 24 interviews Stephen Moore of Living Things.

You have toured with The Libertines and Velvet Revolver. How did they differ?

"The Libertines tour was amazing. They really packed out Los Angeles and New York, but they weren't really well-known in the rest of the US.

With Velvet Revolver, every middle-American meathead was roaring away and drinking beer."

The Orlando Sun-Sentinel reviews last weekend's Langerado Festival.

Jam bands themselves draw on so many genres -- rock, funk, country, jazz and bluegrass, for starters -- that a kindred festival opening the floor to a wider range of sounds is a natural extension of the jam-band ethic. Langerado exploited that eclectic impulse, sometimes with peculiar results, but even the potentially awkward encounters were more interesting than ill-advised.

Dom Passatino writes a personal music diary for Stylus.

The Nine Muses offers What's In a Name, a resource for Harry Potter name etymology.

Loreto Martin lists art blogs.

Centro-matic's Will Johnson talks to Glide magazine.

In the ever-shifting modern music world, Centro-matic has remarkably maintained a constant line-up of four - Johnson, Danbom, Mark Hedman and Matt Pence - by way of what Johnson describes as open lines of communication.

"We are real communicative about when we can do things, when we can't do things. We have all kind of become adults together," he said. "Whenever we get together, it is still very much fun for us. That's a good sound when I still hear laughter in the van after that long. That's as satisfying a sound as I could hope to hear."

Birdmonster has three streaming new unmastered tracks on their MySpace page.

Blogads is doing a survey of music blog readers. Participate if you get a chance, I would love to get a better handle on the demographics of LHB readers.


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