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March 23, 2006


The Calgary Sun examines Hollywood's new fascination with graphic novels.

"For Hollywood, I think it has less to do with it being a graphic novel and more about it just being another source of material," says Stephen Weiner, author of Faster than a Speeding Bullet: The Rise of the Graphic Novel, and The 101 Best Graphic Novels. "And because graphic novels have a rebel, an outlaw status to them, it offers the sort of excitement that you don't get from a standard story. A movie like American Splendor, I knew people who had no idea that was a graphic novel, they figure he was just some weird guy."

The Seattle Times reviews interesting new jazz books.

The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne talks to the Telegraph.

"We start out trying to make some fantastical, unbelievable, drug-induced, horrible, wonderful thing," he says of the Lips' oeuvre, "but even though we're peering into outer space with wizards and spaceships and all that childlike imagery, we're really looking inside ourselves. It always comes back to, 'I'm a 45-year-old man. I'm going insane.' Art's only worthwhile if you really have something inside of you that you have to get out, I think. I'm not saying it to change the world. I'm just saying it to change myself." list the city's ten most over-hyped bands from the last five years, and the Boston Globe examines the "unprecedented hype" bands receive these days.

Singer-songwriter Neko Case talks to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

"I started writing with my guitar," Case said. "And when you do that, you're definitely in charge of your own phrasing. I don't really know how chords work, so I'm not afraid to use chords that don't work. If you want your songs to have two different keys, you can do that, because you are in charge."

The Boulder Dirt lists their top ten of SXSW.

The soundtrack to the MLB 2K6 video game is filled with indie rock.

Singer-songwriter Edith Frost talks to Pulse of the Twin Cities.

“I never wanted anyone to put my music in the category of alternative country,” says Frost. “Or any other category for that matter. There’s a lot of country music in my past and in my life now, and if you’re hearing country strains in my own work then that’s why. But I’m not making all that much music that would fall straight into that genre ... a few songs here and there but not enough to get me labeled as ‘that’ kind of artist, you wouldn’t think. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love country and I feel really comfortable making that kind of music, I just wouldn’t want to do it 24/7. But if people want to use the fact that I’m from Texas as an excuse to forgive me for polluting their ears with my ponderous laments? Then yes, I’m all for it.”

Centro-matic's Will Johnson speaks to Creative Loafing.

"We like choruses," Johnson happily admits. "Shit, the Replacements did it, and I was weaned on that, and a lot of my favorite bands do it to this day."

Phobos lists 100 science fiction books "you just have to read."

">The New York Times examines literary novels going straight to paperback.


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