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March 27, 2006


New York magazine coins the term "grups" (short for grown-ups and culled from a Star Trek episode where children rule the world) as an alternative to yupster.

Let’s start with a question. A few questions, actually: When did it become normal for your average 35-year-old New Yorker to (a) walk around with an iPod plugged into his ears at all times, listening to the latest from Bloc Party; (b) regularly buy his clothes at Urban Outfitters; (c) take her toddler to a Mommy’s Happy Hour at a Brooklyn bar; (d) stay out till 4 A.M. because he just can’t miss the latest New Pornographers show, because who knows when Neko Case will decide to stop touring with them, and everyone knows she’s the heart of the band; (e) spend $250 on a pair of jeans that are artfully shredded to look like they just fell through a wheat thresher and are designed, eventually, to artfully fall totally apart; (f) decide that Sufjan Stevens is the perfect music to play for her 2-year-old, because, let’s face it, 2-year-olds have lousy taste in music, and we will not listen to the Wiggles in this house; (g) wear sneakers as a fashion statement; (h) wear the same vintage New Balance sneakers that he wore on his first day of school in the seventh grade as a fashion statement; (i) wear said sneakers to the office; (j) quit the office job because—you know what?—screw the office and screw jockeying for that promotion to VP, because isn’t promotion just another word for “slavery”?; (k) and besides, now that she’s a freelancer, working on her own projects, on her own terms, it’s that much easier to kick off in the middle of the week for a quick snowboarding trip to Sugarbush, because she’s got to have some balance, right?

Blog, Blog Me Do... is a Beatles blog.

In an interview with Harp, Paul Provenza and Penn Gillette compare the joke in their film, The Aristocrats, to a guitar solo.

HARP: In what way is telling this joke like performing a guitar solo?

Jillette: The whole idea of the movie was to compare Gilbert Gottfried to Miles Davis. That was the original premise of the movie. Provenza and I were having a discussion about bebop music and I was talking about the idea of improvisation and comparing it to comedy. And that's how the whole movie started.

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is starting a music group.

One of general manager Neil Lawi‘s priorities is to educate major and indie labels, artist managers and music publishers about the ways WWE champions music.

Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs talks to PETA about his vegan lifestyle.

What inspired you to go vegan?

It was part ethical and part physical—I noticed I would always get sleepy after eating cheese or drinking milk. Despite not being an overtly political person, it felt wrong to be encouraging animal abuse through personal consumption. If I lived on a farm and milked my own cow, it might be a different story, but at this point in my life, I’m trying to keep all animal products out of my body—I don’t feel the need to harm animals or to directly support an industry that does.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune lists their favorite music and gossip blogs, giving well-deserved praise to Coolfer and Stereogum.

Newsweek reports on SXSW Film & Music.


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