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March 28, 2006


The Magic Numbers' Romeo Stodart talks to the New York Daily News.

The Two Gallants talk to the San Francisco Chronicle about their current tour.

"What was the worst one?" says drummer Vogel, 25.

"Chattanooga," answers Stephens, also 25, who brightens at the thought and shifts forward in his seat. "Nobody can top Southerners in their dedication to reckless behavior. There were 12 kids in front passed out. All that nastiness and vomit. We started out playing for about 50 people. By the time we finished, there were something like five left."

Canada's National Post posts reactions to Morrissey's boycott of the country.

Popmatters interviews singer-songwriter Tommy Keene.

The power pop label … I think it's accurate. In the past I've rejected it, but that may just have been out of frustration. One thing that unfortunately distinguishes power-pop is that it's not that popular. The music is great, but usually gets pigeonholed pretty easily. I love some power pop bands, mostly from the '70s: 20/20 and the Raspberries. But the Raspberries fit in that category because they sound like the Beatles. To me, Elvis Costello is power-pop. Power-pop is rock music that has a lot of melody. The kind of power-pop I don't like is a band up there with mod haircuts and '60s-style Rickenbackers, singing "Na na-na na na".

From McSweeney's: "Further Excerpts From the Diary Of an Aspiring Death-Metal Frontman."

The Guardian offers an exclusive Billy Bragg mp3, a cover of Bob Dylan's "The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie" (mp3 link).

DigitalDreamDoor lists the 100 greatest punk rock songs.

Chartattack reviews the Ann Arbor Silver Jews show.

At the end of it all, Berman stood alone and said that the first 11 shows had "changed my mind about everything, because in all of my equations, I didn't count on one thing and that was all of you people."

Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie talks to I Like Music.

"I haven’t met Franz Ferdinand personally, Jason has met a couple of them and we’ve been emailing back and forth with Alex. I get this feeling that its going to work. Musically it might seem like an improbably pairing, but we’re certainly interested in it. I love that band and can’t wait to watch them play every night."

RIP, Nikki Sudden.

Episode #28 of the Bat Segundo Show features author Dana Spiotta as a guest on the literary podcast. Look for a "book notes" submission from Spiotta on LHB soon for her novel, Eat the Document (which I read last week while on vacation and enjoyed from cover to cover).

Popmatters recounts the 2006 British invasion of SXSW, and Vibe does the same for hip hop.

Dax Riggs of Deadboy & the Elephantmen talks to Harp.

"I always listened to Elvis and Joe Cocker and Bob Dylan. It was mainly a teenage thing that lead me into the realms of psychedelic death metal."


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