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April 6, 2006

Daily Downloads

Bald Eagle: several tracks [mp3]
^ "Chuck Norris Sings Me to Sleep" [mp3]

Bald Eagle: "Wind Up Dead in a Camaro" [mp3] from Bacon and Eggs, Dear

¬°Forward, Russia!: "Four" [mp3] from Give Me a Wall (out May 15th)

Holly & Plastic: "This Particular Giant Today" [mp3] from Life After the Lie

Lemuria: several tracks (click release covers) [mp3]
^ "It's Not a Lie, It's a Secret" [mp3]

Magneta Lane: "Artistic Condition" [mp3] from Dancing With Daggers

Seekonk: several tracks [mp3]*

Seekonk: two tracks [mp3] from Pinkwood (out April 11th)
^ "Love" [mp3]

Small Sur: several tracks [mp3]
^ "Tiny Lustre" [mp3]

The Willis: "They Have a Theory" [mp3] from Bathtub, Lightbulb, Heartattack

*updated since last mention


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