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April 1, 2006


WorldChanging profiles the internet video sharing site, YouTube.

Before you create an online April Fool's joke, read Anil Dash's take on these usually lame attempts at humor.

Jambase reviews Florida's 2006 Langerado Festival.

Newsday sums up the SXSW panel appearance and performance by Morrissey.

Minnesota Public Radio had Arab Strap in the studio for an interview and performance yesterday.

Annie Hardy of Giant Drag talks to Rolling Stone.

"I guess either they're buttering my balls, or it's the truth: It's hard to get female-fronted bands on bigger radio stations," says Hardy. "So this could be a foot in the door, or it could be the kiss of death and we'll be the next Alien Ant Farm. Wait and see!"

Matisyahu talks to Esquire about whether or not his musical performance is a novelty act.

The most a lot of people know about Hasidic Judaism is from the movie Yentl. So, at first glance, if you don't know the music or the story, it looks like novelty. Historically, when someone has tried to combine two cultures that are seemingly so different, it's with humor. Once people get past that and see that spirituality is the obvious link between my culture and the culture of reggae, they're pleasantly surprised.


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