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April 7, 2006


Audiovant is a new podcast featuring interviews and performances by indie rock acts. The first three installments are extremely interesting: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Tapes 'N Tapes, and Jens Lekman.

The Sacramento Bee lists television shows that have helped sell music.

The Mountain Goats Australian tour EP, Babylon Springs (which includes a Trembling Blue Stars cover), is available from (mine showed up the other day), and will be offered in the US by Moops Music.

Stylus lists the "Top Ten Momentum Killing Follow-Up Singles to Breakthrough Post-Grunge Albums."

In their series on Continuum's 33 1/3 books, Popmatters interviews Kim Cooper, author of my favorite book in the series (about one of my favorite indie albums), In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.

In the book, you make a conscious effort to steer clear of overanalyzing the album and its music and meanings. What was your vision of what you did and didn't want the book to be?

I didn't want it to be an autopsy. I didn't want anybody to feel like having read what some critic know-it-all had to say about the meaning of the songs, that they would never be able to listen to the record again without thinking of some cockamamie theory. I mean, I have an academic background, I have an M.A. in art history, I certainly know how to take things apart and be a good little postmodernist. But I don't think art needs that.

see also:

Cooper's LHB "Book notes" submission for the book

In other Kim Cooper news, she (along with other zines and magazines) has started a petition asking Ameoba records to stock zines. I signed, because the next time I'm in Los Angeles I'd like the option to pick up Scram while I'm record shopping...

The Guardian goes vinyl hunting with collectors.

Jack White and Brendan Benson talk to the Guardian about their band, the Raconteurs.

"Dual songwriting is something I always wanted to do, and never have," says White. "And I couldn't think of anyone better to do it with. We were building off each other so much and pushing off each other so much, really nurturing all the way, and I love that. If it was the opposite, if it was taking away or fighting to get some songs on to the album, then I wouldn't like it at all."

Singer-songwriter Neko Case talks to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Case has thought carefully about the function and history of reverb.

"It is about Patsy Cline and it is about Roy Orbison, but it's also about sound dynamics and actual physics," she said. "Reverb is the sound of sound echoing in a room, and that reverb goes up or down depending on how loud or soft you sing. It's kind of like the importance of having breathing in between words: You want to hear the space you're in, and reverb makes it more alive, makes it breathe more."

The Pitchfork Music Festival has added more acts to their bill.

Singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer talks to Vancouver's Westender.

The reviews are coming in for The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living by the Streets from the Guardian (2 stars), Daily Scotsman (3 stars), and the Independent (3 stars).

The Book Standard excerpts some of author Dan Brown's court statements.

Drowned in Sound intervies Death Cab for Cutie.

Are you a band that can, or has, spawned imitators though? Do you know of acts that have obviously looked to copy certain traits of yours for a little of the same success?

Gibbard: We go to clubs in Seattle now, and everyone’s doing this… (does a little impression of some kind of post-punk-dance stuff. You know, jagged guitars et cetera.) So, I think we’re a little far down the track for that.
Walla: I think we’re the next Death Cab For Cutie.
Harmer: Yeah.
Gibbard: I do hear people, though… I just spoke to Jo (Gibbard’s girlfriend) on the phone, and she said she heard something on the radio that sounded so much like us that she had to turn it off. Which can be read a number of ways! But I don’t think there’s any market for unfashionable, 30-year-old men playing introspective rock music.


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