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April 11, 2006


The Walkmen talk to Filter about making their new album.

Mike Skinner of the Streets talks to the National Post.

"To be honest, I was getting a bit bored of writing about pubs and clubs," Skinner says. "So luckily, now I've got all this crazy shit to write about that I've not written about before. Hopefully I'm going to become a recluse and get interested in architecture and have something different to write about on the next album."

Stylus reappraises the music of Esquivel.

Thanks to Donewaiting for pointing out Eric Metronome's 52 Cover Songs in 52 Weeks Project.

Do you have a music blog? Add it (or another) to the music blog directory at the music blog Wiki.

Star search Casting is looking for a (preferably older) Morrissey double for an indie rock video, but they "would consider a young looking Morrissey impersonator as well."

The San Francisco Gate profiles local musical sensations Birdmonster, and John Vanderslice chimes in with praise:

"They're believable, and I think that's the highest compliment I can give a band," says John Vanderslice, indie rocker and Tiny Telephone studio head, who judged Birdmonster in a Live 105 contest. "Most bands, I don't know why they're singing this song or who they're pining for or what they're so upset about. But those guys are believable, and that's pretty great."

The Harvey Girls talk to about doing publicity for their music.

How are you getting the word out about this record?

HL: We’ve had lots of wonderful people help us out with mp3 blogs picking up songs and just being really nice. For this record, Large Hearted Boy, Erasing Clouds and Said the Gramaphone did really nice reviews. It’s just how we’ve gotten the word out since we can’t go on tour a lot since we have professional jobs.

T-shirt of the day: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Abbey Road?

Download (or stream) Sunday night's Neko Case and Martha Wainwright performances courtesy of NPR.

Neko Case: 2006-04-09, Washington [mp3]
Martha Wainwright: 2006-04-09, Washington [mp3]

Suggest new anime for Warren Ellis to watch.


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