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April 14, 2006


Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew talks to the Belfast Telegraph.

Drew is realistic about the possibility of keeping tabs on a growing Scene. "It won't last because bands are doing their own thing. That's why we called this album Broken Social Scene. It's the title of our little army, to mark the era when this impossible ideal of getting all these bands on one album actually worked."

The Boston Globe gives examples of bad album covers.

Elvis Costello talks to the Washington Post about his current concert tour, which features local orchestras.

Costello adds, "we do this 'Watching the Detectives' arrangement, which is a desecration to people who love the tenseness of the original recording, which is easily my favorite from the first five years of my career. . . . But the story that's going on, and the musical allusions in the original arrangements, relate very much to the realization of this song as an orchestral piece using the film music feeling and the swing rhythms of '50s detective shows. It's not like somebody else coming and making an inappropriate resetting of the pieces -- it's me having fun with my own music. You've got to stop being quite so rigid about things. I've played a lot of my songs in different arrangements, and it's all the more fun to do with such big resources behind you."

The Guardian expounds upon the cult of French pop legend Serge Gainsbourg.

The multicoloured "wall of Serge" sprawls for metres along the otherwise impeccably manicured street in one of Paris's most expensive neighbourhoods. It is bigger than any monument to Jim Morrison. An empty bottle of whisky has been neatly propped outside the front door in homage. "To our deceased poet," reads one message. "You did your work like an angel, sowing hope," "Thank you for the music," and "Serge, je t'aime."

Colorado's Summit Daily News examines the recent reemergence of author Kurt Vonnegut.

Sigur Ros keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson talks to the Japan Times.

"If you sit down with a bunch of Sigur songs and take away all the guitars and the production, you can play it all acoustic," says Sveinsson. "You could even put a dance beat behind it and change the vocal a bit and you'd have pop. They're all very, very simple."

The Independent discusses the controversies surrounding author Martin Amis, including the subject matter of his new book, House of Meetings.

CMJ reports that Wilco is headed to the studio next month to record their next album.

Paste calls the new Drive-By Truckers album, A Blessing and a Curse, "simply good, solid rock."

Buzzwords continues its series on "the 50 least influential people in publishing."

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