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April 22, 2006


The New York Times spends a night out with the Fiery Furnaces.

Frank DeFord writes about his sportswriting life in the Washington Post.

I didn't set out to be a sportswriter, but once I got into it I found that I rather liked having a cross to bear. If you've never been discriminated against, it's refreshing -- finally -- to be a brunt of prejudice. You see, generally, people -- especially those of the literary persuasion -- look down on sportswriters as sort of genial dunces. It is instructive to note, as I have pointed out often before, that it is actually impossible for sportswriting to be any good. This is because, if a sportswriter somehow manages to write a piece that seems the least bit competent, he will be complimented thusly: T hat was so good you can't really call it sportswriting!

T-shirt of the day: "789."

Carl Barat talks to the Guardian about Pete Doherty.

"I never kicked him out of the band," Barat says wearily. "I said to Pete, 'You're in a state, you're not turning up for things, you're doing terrible things, which we won't go into - don't come to play this gig. You've missed half the tour anyway - don't come and play this gig. I don't think you're well enough.' He went nuts, and he wasn't well enough anyway, so we continued without him and the long and short of it is that afterwards I said, 'Don't come and play with us till you sort yourself out.'

Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris talk to the Guardian about their album, All the Roadrunning (out April 25th), and liveDaily lists their June North American tourdates.

"I think of a harmony as an alternate melody that goes alongside the lead line in a slightly subordinate way," says Harris. "It's almost like you're dancing.

"When you put two voices together, a third voice is created, and it's always unique. Mark's voice put my voice in a very comfortable range, our blend was effortless, which isn't always the case."

"Emmy brings such a wealth of experience that it's like a director having the finest actress for a film," says Knopfler, who wrote the bulk of the songs. "What is on the page is given a real living dimension and a character who you can see."

Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody talks to the Daily Scotsman about recording the band's new album, Eyes Open (out May 9th in the US).

Although the album is still recognisably in the anthemic vein of Final Straw, the band played around with different instrumentation (chairs, small children, music boxes, that sort of thing) and, for the first time, Lightbody wrote a song for someone else to sing. That someone else, Canadian singer/songwriter Martha Wainwright, agreed to guest on Set the Fire to the Third Bar, which Lightbody hails as "a love song to her voice".

Ultimate-Guitar hosts 33 Mountain Goats guitar tabs.

Former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki lists his ten favorite books.

Salon's Audiofile posted their first podcast yesterday, complete with commentary by Thomas Bartlett.


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