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April 25, 2006


Happy fourth birthday to my favorite internet radio show, No Love For Ned. Ned celebrates the occasion with an in-studio performance from Jason Molina of Magnolia Electric Co. and Songs Ohia.

The Boston Globe talks to a Somerville book club that has been reading Finnegan's Wake since 1996.

British comedian Dylan Moran explains his love for author Don DeLillo in the Independent.

"I'm a huge fan of his," Moran says with surprising vigour. "And White Noise is my favourite contemporary novel. It's a great book. The Americans are always ahead of us in one field, and that's consciousness. They're the most over-stimulated nation on earth. They've got too much to deal with. So when they do produce these great works, I suppose they have an extra fascination for us, because they are on the front line of modern awareness."

The Motley Fool examines the expected growth in podcast advertising.

Popmatters profiles Turner South's live music program, Music Road.

Music Road hops between juke joints and smoke-filled bars in places all over the region, catching acts who already have national exposure as well as some homegrown players who have yet to hit the big time. The show is like a public service for big music fans who don't have the time or wherewithal to get out there on the road to hear all these great acts in person.

Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley talks to Popmatters.

"We go against the grain, we're underdogs, so it does have that spirit, that indie rock spirit to it. It's soul because it's pain and it's conviction," says Cee-Lo. "It's alt-rock too, because it's really mindful, really articulate, really captivating and thought out. And to me, it's instrumental, because if you take away the words, my voice is just another instrument layered into the track."

Mike Skinner of the Streets talks to the Boston Phoenix.

One Hardest Way track even takes a cue from an American rap legend in a more direct sense: it wasn’t meant for the album at all but rather for the posthumous Notorious B.I.G. collection Duets. “I spent an evening with P. Diddy and they asked me to write something. I was over in New York, and because I’m the biggest guy in England or Europe or whatever, I guess they just thought that it would be a good fit.”

Jossip interviews journalist/blogger/editor Ada Calhoun.

Who is the sexiest person you’ve ever interviewed or profiled?

Oh gosh, that will get me in trouble! I’m not very professional. I’ve become friends with a lot of people I’ve done stories on. John Darnielle of the mountain goats was a long-time crush. He’s since written a couple of terrific pieces for Nerve. The playwright John Patrick Shanley. And of course my husband. I was sent to do a story on him for the Austin Chronicle when I was at the University of Texas and we moved in together three months later.

Voxtrot's Ramesh Srivastava talks to Indie Interviews and shares a cover of Blondie's "Shayla."

This YouTube video captures author Jack Kerouac on a 1959 episode of the Steve Allen Show.


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