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May 19, 2006

Daily Downloads

On his blog, Smalltalk, Jens Lekman tells the tale of turning down the use of one of his songs for a washing machine commercial.

Now here's an interesting thing, you're automatically branded as "indie" when you decline to something that probably will make you a lot of money. People think: Ah, here's someone who prefers making music to making money. But in my opinion, being "indie" these days might be as business-minded as you can be. Just like the best brewers, tailors, plumbers, chocolate factories, restaurants etc know that keeping a low profile and relying on good word of mouth might do a much better job in the long run than screaming in peoples faces. And especially now when popmusic is actually starting to become recognised as something more high-brow than it used to be, what worse move than having your song associated with a mobile phone could you make?

Jens Lekman: "Washing Machine Commercial" [mp3]

Mojave 3: 2003-11-08, Hollywood [mp3,ogg,flac]

Kristin Hersh: 1999-04-29, New York [mp3,ogg,flac]

Airfields: "Lonely Halls" [mp3] from Laneways EP

Department of Energy: two tracks [mp3]

Graham Smith: one downloadable and several streamimg tracks [mp3]

Jens Lekman: "Run Away With Me" [mp3]

The Long Winters: "Pushover" [mp3] from Putting the Days to Bed (out July 25th)

Robb Benson: several demo tracks [mp3]

Violins: one downloadable and several streaming tracks [mp3]


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