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May 1, 2006


The Telegraph reviews London's "Love Music: Hate Racism" performances.

In Trafalgar Square, a crowd of 3,000 bobbed about as an improbable B-list of artists swore fitfully at the BNP and played their best songs. The problem was that their best songs were not very well-known or dynamic.

Popmatters reviews Frank Portman's debut novel, King Dork.

King Dork is also one of the funniest books of the year, maybe of any year. Never joke-y or distracting, the humor is a natural extension of Tom's real and unique voice. When he ruminates on the existence of God, for instance, Tom decides that "the universe seems so flawlessly designed to be at my expense that I doubt it could be entirely accidental."

see also: Portman's LHB stop on the book's blog tour

The OC Register on Coachella's first day: "mediocrity reigns supreme."

Glide reviews the new Drive-By Truckers album, A Blessing and a Curse.

"Despite the more accessible motives, the Truckers still have that - all guts, no glory flair that reminds you that not all "southern rock" is for the county fair circuit."

In time for the World Cup: an mp3 player shaped like a soccer ball.

Popmatters reviews the Billy Bragg box set, Billy Bragg Volume One.

"Even today you have to smile at the supreme irony of hearing Billy Bragg declare he has no desire to change the world. Apart from the glorious Redskins, the occasionally magnificent Easterhouse, and a bevy of unpleasant right-wing thugs with charmless guitars, it would be hard to think of any musician of his time who has been more politically active than Billy Bragg."

Stylus examines the poor sound of modern CDs (the result of bad production).

goodhodgkins breaks down 8,468 Pitchfork reviews, and offers the results as spreadsheets.

Speaking of Pitchfork, the Metafilter community discusses this weekend's Washington Post article about the site.


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