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May 2, 2006


Business Week profiles small profitable book publishers serving specific niches.

Philadelphia's Espers talk to Popmatters.

Traditional folk is, anyway, more of a touchstone than a straightjacket for this band, an influence alongside Krautrock, jazz, prog, acoustic singer songwriter and many others. "Some of the songs, like "Widow's Weed", would not fit to certain folk modal structures," said Baird, "And sometimes we do things like that, where the songs go off into chords that wouldn't exist in certain types of what we characterize as folk."

Stylus reevaluates the Cure's remix album, Mixed Up.

Rolling Stone lists Radiohead north American tourdates. installs the alternative iPod firmware, Rockbox, on their mp3 player.

Open-source experimenters such as Rockbox give users choice and flexibility, but more importantly, their work brings us several steps closer in the quest for the ultimate digital audio player.

T-shirt of the day: "Colbert has stones."

Singer-songwriter Josh Ritter lists "music you should hear" for Amazon.

Singer-songwriter John Vanderslice talks to DCist about bloggers creating online buzz.

You know, it's weird, if someone posts something on Metafilter, I look on my website and all of a sudden, we're getting like 25,000 unique visitors in one day, you know. And we got a review on Pixel Revolt in Rolling Stone. And the day that that review came out, there was no bump whatsoever. And that was a good review. And we got no bump in traffic on the website. That's insane. I can look at where people are coming from and who's searching what, and what method they are using to get to my site. After that I was like, "f*ck paying a publicist to work your record, lets just email all the bloggers and send them a record or some MP3's."

Threadless is running a $10 sale until May 8th, buy Mom a t-shirt for Mother's day.


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