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May 30, 2006


The dB's talks to Harp about their imminent reunion.

So, with Like This newly restored to print and a dB’s comeback apparently waiting in the wings, how does Holsapple view his band and its place in history?

“I’m grateful for having a hand in anything!” he says. “The various superlatives that have been heaped on the dB’s have been heartwarming. And it’s all a question of how influential you want to be. The dB’s went from a footnote to an also-ran to an influence—all without selling much in the way of records."

I inadvertently left off 2/3 of the week's DVD releases yesterday, the weekly release list has been fixed and is up-to-date.

The Cincinnati Enquirer spotlights athletes who moonlight as musicians.

Stylus finds magic moments in music in the Mountain Goats discography.

Goodhodgkins presents another cooperative feature, "Exceptional Cover Songs." My contributions: "Cracklin' Rosie" by Shane MacGowan and "Needles In the Camel's Eye" by Elf Power.

Mogwai's Barry Burns talks to

After 11 years, Mogwai is starting to dabble in production. Although the band has a co-producer credit alongside Tony Doogen on Mr. Beast, Burns says they have no plans to go it alone for the next record.

“I think we need someone who’s objective and says no that’s crap. It’s good to have Tony there to go no, that doesn’t sound like a song and then we ignore him and just do it anyway,” he says. “I don’t think we’re ready to produce our own stuff yet and that’s quite bad because we have been doing it for 11 years. Maybe we’ll never be able to do it, — we’re quite lazy.”

NPR's "Talk of the Nation" offers summer reading suggestions.

Singer-songwriter Beth Orton talks to the Guardian about her future writing dreams.

"That's my big dream - I would love to go and study literature and creative writing." She has contemplated applying for the famed creative writing course at the University of East Anglia. "It's the best creative writing course," she says, "but I'm in a bind cos I'm like, shit, it's in Norwich."

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reviews day two of the Sasquatch Festival.

Suicide Girls interviews Mike Patton about his new project, Peeping Tom.

DRE: Was the fact that Peeping Tom ended up being easier on the ears very organic?

Patton: Yeah, basically the way I write sometimes is that I just sit down at the desk and start writing. It’s the process that I’m in love with and then all of a sudden a lightbulb goes off and it’s done. I knew immediately this stuff wasn’t going to fit with any of the other projects I was doing. Once I had ten or 15 pieces that I thought were really strong, I was like, “Ok, I guess I better do something with this.” Which in my case means start another band, start another project. There’s still some song style adventures left in me and I’ve got to explore them. That’s when I started taking it more seriously and started seeing it on the same level as many of my other projects. After that I was able to make time and focus on it.

MSNBC lists ten unforgettable moments from television's Lost this season.

Said the Gramophone shares the love for one of my favorite new artists, Jamie Radford.

Hello Kitty iPod speakers are just too cute.


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