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June 2, 2006


Smoosh's Chloe talks to the Denver Post about recording the band's new album with Death Cab for Cutie drummer Jason McGerr.

"It took more work than the last time," Chloe said of the writing and recording process as compared with their heralded debut, "She Like Electric." "But it was still fun. For our old album, we didn't really have a producer. For this new one, we did, and it was more work. We've known Jason McGerr since I was 6. And it's been a lot of fun working with him. He's funny and nice."

The Wedding Present's David Gedge talks to Belfast Today.

"I do like the sound of the current crop of groups, but they are a bit samey and I'm wondering whether it's my age. I'll listen to a record and wonder if it's the Killers or the Editors." But David has an admiration for certain bands, if not an an immediate recognition: "Franz Ferdinand are a great group, though we bumped into them in New York and didn't recognise them."

The Chicago Tribune examines the city's literary scene.

Yesterday, Newcity Chicago listed Chicago's "Lit 50," including my favorite litblogger, Jessa Crispin of Bookslut.

Popmatters interviews Alec Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Have we reached a point in time where the Internet alone can launch a band?

The Internet is helpful to spread the word and make word of mouth move a little faster, but that's all it does. Unfortunately it doesn't help write songs.

Indie Interviews has We Are Scientists in the hot seat answering questions this week on the podcast.

I mentioned before that 3 Beads of Sweat and Moops Music are going out of business. Moops Music now has all their t-shirts on sale (including designs by Daniel Clowes and Ivan Brunetti). All the music is on sale as well, take advantage of the sale and fill out your Mountain Goats collection with the following (most discs are half off):

Babylon Springs EP
Letter From Belgium 7"
Nothing For Juice
Protein Source of the Future... Now! (reissue)
Protein Source of the Future... Now!
See America Right CDEP
See America Right 7"
We Shall All Be Healed
Zopilote Machine CD (reissue)
Zopilote Machine LP (reissue)

I placed my last order with Moops this morning, both Moops and 3 Beads of Sweat will be greatly missed.

Stylus lists the top ten "surprisingly effective exercise songs."

Daily Reckless has embarked on an ambitious project, chronicling the career of the Fall.

The 2006 Athens Popfest is August 8th-12th, and the schedule is headlined by the Mountain Goats (a solo John Darnielle show), Deerhoof, and Apples in Stereo.

Tuesday August 8th
FREE show @ Little Kings
8:00pm Gordon Lamb
9:00pm Fabulous Bird
10:00pm Vietnam
11:00pm Russian Spy Camera
12:00am The Visitations
1:00am Col. Knowledge & The Lickety Splits

Wednesday August 9th
Little Kings
3:00pm Joe Sidney
3:45pm The Specific Heats
4:30pm My Parents
5:15pm Velcro Stars
6:00pm *** intermission ***
7:30pm Gift Machine
8:00pm Baby Calendar
Little Kings (cont.)
8:45pm Flash To Bang Time
9:30pm The Maybellines
10:15pm How I Became The Bomb
11:00pm So Many Dynamos
11:45pm The Instruments
12:15pm New Sound Of Numbers
1:00am Megaband

Thursday August 10th
Little Kings
3:00pm Dog Paloma
3:30pm The Besties
4:15pm Bugs Eat Books
5:00pm Ocelots
5:45pm Patience Please
40 Watt Club
8:00pm 8 Track Gorrilla
8:30pm The Smittens
9:15pm Cars Can Be Blue
10:00pm Marshmallow Coast
10:45pm The Gazetteers
11:30pm The Love Letter Band
12:15am Oh-Ok
1:00am The Mountain Goats

Friday August 11th
Little Kings
3:00pm The Passerines
3:45pm The Bicycles
4:15pm Ryan Anderson
5:00pm So L'il
5:45pm 63 Crayons
40 Watt Club
8:30pm Mouser
9:00pm Keith John Adams
9:30pm Casper & The Cookies
10:15pm Cinemechanica
11:15pm Poison Control Center
12:00am We Vs. The Shark
1:00am Deerhoof

Saturday August 12th
Little Kings
3:00pm The Cocker Spaniels
3:30pm Pegasuses
4:15pm Ponies In The Surf
5:00pm The Happy Bullets
5:45pm Telenovela
40 Watt Club
8:00pm The Capstan Shafts
8:30pm Red Pony Clock
9:15pm Fishboy
10:00pm The High Water Marks
10:45pm Ideal Free Distribution
11:30pm Bunnygrunt
12:15am The Circulatory System
1:00am The Apples In Stereo

Jam! lists summer's "hottest" music releases.

Ariel Pink talks to the Guardian about his recording process.

He plays every instrument on his recordings, makes every noise, records it all. But there's a reason he doesn't have the professionals in to help. "If I tried to explain what I needed, I'd sound like some mad producer," he says. "'I want blue clouds! I want sunny phantoms! OK, now play guitar like a Zeppelin falling out of the sky!' It's easier on my own. I get results."

Blogs, downloads and sites that allow thousands of bored office workers to upload video footage - with so much media to play with, it is difficult to engineer hype in the manner of the great charlatans of old, since it relies on so many people to join in the fun.

The Independent examines the internet's role in breaking new acts.

Blogs, downloads and sites that allow thousands of bored office workers to upload video footage - with so much media to play with, it is difficult to engineer hype in the manner of the great charlatans of old, since it relies on so many people to join in the fun.

Suicide Girls interviews author Augusten Burroughs.

DRE: Are you writing more short stories as you’re experiencing more stuff?

AB: Right now I’m not because the next book is going to be a half-length book of Christmas stories. For some reason Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. That’s actually corny and sentimental but every Christmas has just been a living nightmare. So I’m going to put them all together in a book called You Better Not Cry. Then I’m writing a memoir of my father so Possible Side Effects will be my last essay collection for a while.

Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood lists "music you should hear" for Amazon.

Powell's has author trading cards! The sixteen-card set is free with the purchase of a feature selection, and those include two of my favorite books from last year, Laila Lalami's Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits and The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer (whose card is misprinted "J.M., assuring its collectibility). (via)

Now I can finally replace the ragged Esa Tikkanen hockey card that usually marks my place.

Amazon lists summer "comic books and related DVDs."

At Rate Your Music, DJ Martian lists summer albums to watch for.

Reading Rants! lists the best "boy reads" (young adult books for boys).

StashMyComics is an online database to catalog your comic book collection.


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