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June 5, 2006


Bloomberg interviews legendary singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen.

Schatz: Does age accord any advantages to a poet-songwriter?

Cohen: You know you're going to get out of the racket pretty soon, and that has various ambiguous implications. I've been very lucky to have friends who grew old and I was able to enjoy their company. If we're lucky, we grow old.

Singer-songwriter Josh Ritter talks to the San Jose Mercury News.

"I just don't like political songs that tell people what to think," he says. "In the end, they're boring and chauvinistic. I think the most important part of a song is that it captures a sense of ambiguity. . . . Most love songs are about uncertainty. I think that's the same when you're writing about war. If you write songs with total certainty, you're just writing anthems, and those aren't interesting. I'm just putting the problem out there."

Billboard lists some of the music releases slated for tomorrow, 6/6/06.

It may be a sign of the apocalypse that "Karaoke to the Music of Johnny Cash: I Wanna Be Like Cash" is out June 6. Imagine thousands of drunks warbling "A Boy Named Sue" as they wobble in karaoke bars across the country at the same time.

The Orlando Sentinel covers the same topic, adding books and movies to the mix.

Mission of Burma's Clint Conley talks to Popmatters.

"There was a time in Mission of Burma where we were so fired with conviction and righteousness and earnestness... I didn't see any place for humor at all in Mission of Burma," says Conley. "I remember bristling one time in the olden days because Peter and Roger wanted to put out some goofy shirts or hats or something. It just didn't feel right to me. We were on a mission for god's sake."

Nick Southall shares a week's sound diary in the Stylus Soulseeking column.

Singer-songwriter John Vanderslice is interviewed by Glide.

MP3 blogs are pretty much the only thing I read now. And I don't obsess about gear like I used to. I used to be the ultimate hobbyist, and I'd stay up all night reading everything I could find. But I think I got it all out of my system.

The New York Times examines the dubious legality of, a Russian music download service.

Solepedia is the open-source sneaker encyclopedia. lists the 100 greatest movie posters of all time.


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