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June 12, 2006


Music legend Joan Jett talks sports with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Q: Who are your favorite teams?

Jett: The Baltimore Orioles. My dad took me to a game in Baltimore when I was 9. It was against the Yankees. It was my first game and I'll never forget it. It was Jim Palmer (pitching) against Catfish Hunter. Palmer threw a no-hitter. How's that for your first game? I'm still an Orioles freak.

I also like the Green Bay Packers. I didn't live there, but they had the dynasty going when I was a kid, and they always got muddy -- I liked that.

The Register lists the five worst World Cup gadgets.

1. St George's USB drive/speakers/iPod case/anything (various prices)
Yes, this summer's first rule of shifting an overstock - stick a flag on it. As the country goes St George's crazy, what better way to shift a low-spec electrical product than to make it patriotic. Extra marks if you can tie it in with the iPod.

Popmatters interviews Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon.

"I have a really hard time writing my own lyrics for this record, because one, I had to write so many and also I was kind of perplexed by the idea of how I was going to sing and play ... because at that time, we hadn't really thought about asking someone else," she said. (The band has since persuaded Mark Ibold of Pavement and Gordon's side-project Free Kitten to join as touring bassist.) "So I was kind of paralyzed in a certain way."

The San Francisco Chronicle examines "blog buzz" about the film, Snakes on a Plane.

As attention spans decrease and grassroots creativity grows, the power balance between buyer and seller has started to shift: Online customers aren't content to consume a product -- they chew it up and spit it out as something new.

Entertainment corporations are now thinking twice about sending cease-and-desist orders to fans who celebrate and publicize products through appropriation (also known as copyright infringement).

Singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards talks to Harp about songwriting.

“I’m still writing songs that are extremely personal on a certain level but I’m naturally moving away from that. I feel a little tired of that kind of song. The songs that I’ve written so far have nothing to do with that.”

As does Allison Moorer:

The main difference in this record as far as the writing goes is that I opened a vein on it. I’d never done that before. Part of that was due to who I was surrounded by and part of it was because I was not ready. Mainly, these lyrics sound like stuff I’d say. I didn’t filter much.”

Actor Juliette Lewis talks to the Telegraph about being a rocker.

'I get asked all the time if I am "performing" when I'm on stage or if it's the real me,' Lewis tells me. 'And the only way I can answer is by saying that I feel 100 per cent who I am on stage, and that's this primal little fireball that gets unleashed through music and through doing a live show. Yes, I could release little sparks of it when I was acting, but until I was singing there was always a hunger in the pit of my stomach.'

Mac McCaughan of Portastatic and Superchunk has been blogging about the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.


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