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June 19, 2006


The Guardian lists ten books "to comfort and console during a divorce."

iPodMyBaby has changed their corporate identity to iPopMyBaby.

New York magazine lists their top five summer reading selections for children.

The New Yorker reprints the Princeton commencement speech of author David Sedaris.

Popmatters interviews one of my favorite songwriters, Will Johnson of Centro-matic and South San Gabriel.

His characters often have a palpable sense of impending, though often unspecified, dread. They're obviously in turmoil but won't come out and say just why. "You can smell doom in the distance a lot of the time," offers Johnson. "It's doom's lobby I'm writing about [laughs]. I may not take you up into the doom building itself but I'll set it down in doom's lobby for a while."

Stylus offers a collection of "summer jamz."

The Dixie Chicks designated blogger, Junichi Semitsu, talks to the Washington Post.

The job comes with a few ground rules. Semitsu stays away when the Chicks are getting dressed -- "and I don't go into their bedrooms," he jokes. There's also the screening process for his posts, though Semitsu says it's in place only to ensure that he doesn't violate anybody's privacy or release confidential information. "They don't screen for editorial content."

Time magazine lists five "mystery writers worth investigating."

The Independent explores Q's Myspace scam that had a non-existent band, Hope Against Hope, on the path to stardom.

Richard and Judy, British daytime television hosts, announced their summer reading suggestions, and both the Independent and Scotsman discuss the selections of the "saviors of British publishing."

Entertainment Weekly lists their 25 favorite entertainment websites (congratulations to LHB friends Maud Newton and Stereogum), and each of those websites lists its favorite three websites.


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