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June 27, 2006


The Denver Post interviews Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave.

Q: Some critics have said your music is a pleasant but unoriginal blend of other indie rock icons. How do you respond?

A: I get inspiration from an old Neil Young or Dylan tune, but I like OutKast too. It's whatever's interesting and well executed. I like Billy Joel as much as I like My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless." I like them for different reasons but music is a continuum - there's a common thread to it.

Daytrotter has Frog Eyes in their studio playing two new songs.

Stylus gives a second listen to Steely Dan's Gaucho album.

Singer-songwriter Regina Spektor talks to the Village Voice.

"I'm starting to hear more and more songs," she explains, "where I want the beat or the bass to be the heart of the song." The Strokes, pals who famously gave Spektor her first big break by bringing her on tour as an opener, were among her inspirations. "The thing that blew my mind first hearing the Strokes was that they were the closest I had heard rock come to classical," she says. "Their music is extraordinarily orderly and composed. It's almost like Mozart." When "Better," Hope's first single, needed some oomph, Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi stepped in and lent the song its precise, driving kick.

In my favorite World Cup blog post, World Cup Blog handicaps the teams (Jose's versus his "chubby buddy's") in the wonderful Adidas commercials.

Mammoth Press interviews Tapes 'N Tapes' Matt Kretzman.

What kind of audiences do you guys get at your shows? I mean, you’ve been a really big buzz band for a while now, and lot of people who tend to focus on buzz bands are the “cooler than thou” type. Have you encountered quite a lot of fans who are genuinely into your music on the tour?

Definitely. I’m sure there are people who just really read the blogs or something, or maybe there are critics and people who just want to see what its about. But we do genuinely have fans now. Especially like playing here in Seattle on KEXP has been really supportive. They play the record a lot, you know. And we sold out The Crocodile last night. People are into the band. I don’t think it’s a fad. It’s been a great tour. We’ve probably sold out like...half our shows.

The Cincinnati Enquirer wraps up last weekend's Desdemona Festival.

The Antick Musings of G.B.H. Hornswoggler, Gent. tabulates its reader survey of 90's great science fiction novels.

Comic Leo Allen shares summer reading suggestions with NPR's Weekend Edition. He also plans to read 100 books this year, mostly literary fiction.

WFMU's Beware of the Blog embraces summer with a sequel to last year's post of ice cream truck music.


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