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July 25, 2006

Book Notes - Drew ("Toothpaste For Dinner")

Toothpaste For Dinner is the only webcomic I read regularly, so I was flattered when Drew sent me a copy of his book of the same name last year. Drew is a renaissance man wrapped up in a cult of personality. Not only does he have one of the most popular webcomics, but he also produces and self-releases his own music.

In his own words, here is Drew's Book Notes Contribution for Toothpaste for Dinner:

My name is Drew and I draw a comic called Toothpaste For Dinner. Toothpaste For Dinner is a free, daily-updating webcomic. Toothpaste For Dinner is also the name of my book, full of Toothpaste For Dinner comics from my website Toothpaste For Dinner.

Morrissey - The Lazy Sunbathers

I never listen to music in some reasonable fashion, like randomizing it all, or listening to a wide variety of stuff. Instead, I listen to music the same way I do everything else: obsessively. It happens that usually I will just turn on my iPod and listen to all of some band's albums over and over.

So, Morrissey, over and over. There were a few months in 2004 when I only wanted to listen to Morrissey. What are you going to do about that, except listen. At least Morrissey's pretty good.

Dizzee Rascal - Stop Dat

The month that I had to redraw all my old comics for this book was March 2005. Also the month my art for the book was due. I had just downloaded these two Dizzee Rascal albums (sorry Dizzee Rascal) and... then I listened to them over and over. For about two or three weeks.

Lady Sovereign - Random (Menta mix)

The Dizzee Rascal promptly stopped one day, to segue directly into a tense ten days of the Lady Sovereign EP on repeat. There is a big difference between putting on all your Guided By Voices albums in the afternoon and only getting to Vampire On Titus right before you go to bed, and listening to an eight-song EP, of which four of the songs are remixes of the others. The difference is that by the tenth day, you vaguely dread taking a long car ride... because you don't quite want to hear "Random" seventeen times before you get to Target. But you don't want to listen to anything else, either. It's hard being weird, I guess.

Raekwon - Criminology

By the time the books got printed and I had 3000-odd copies shipped to my house (20 books in each box. Sorry, UPS guy.) I was listening to a lot of old Wu-Tang albums. And by "a lot" I mean... three. Or four.

So the thing is with this album: The RZA's output after this album really seemed to go downhill. And Raekwon's later two albums were neither a popular nor critical success. But this album is awesome. Nobody has any idea why. Raekwon and the RZA are trying to figure it out right now, and make "Cuban Linx 2" this summer. Good luck dudes.

Ghostface Killah - Winter Warz

When I listen to a lot of rap... I really have to do some editing. It's not the rappers. It's me. I am just obsessive. I edit out all the talking parts. So I downloaded (sorry Wu-Tang Clan feat. Cappadonna) all these albums, and just butchered them. But when you boil these 1990s rap albums down, they are so good. No talking parts, no movie samples. No intro. No outro. Just raps. This rap, "Winter Warz", it is so hard, I think it is in my top five raps of all time. When my book came out there was about a week when it was just me, boxes of books, boxes of envelopes, stacks of address labels, and Winter Warz. All day long.

Mathematics - Pimpology 101

Mathematics albums are secret Wu-Tang albums, shhhhh. Just downl... buy it and do the thing where you cut out the talking parts.

Caetano Veloso - The Empty Boat

In between when I quit my last office job (2003) and when my book came out (2005), I listened to Caetano Veloso a lot, off and on. It was a period in which I drew prolifically (I only post one comic a day, but during this time I probably drew 8-10 comics every day) and it was also when I got married.

Our ceremony was in the living room of our apartment. We found our minister on the internet; he had gotten ordained on the internet. My wife told me to put on Caetano Veloso during the brief wedding ceremony, "to annoy people." It probably worked. I think you have to have a pretty specific taste in music to like Caetano Veloso.

My mom was pretty mad that we got married in the living room, but it might have just been the Caetano Veloso.

Scientist - The Mummy's Curse

In the end, I think Toothpaste For Dinner, the book or the webcomic, is probably a lot like dub. Me and Scientist just make stuff up out of nowhere and it gets enjoyed in boring offices and hotboxed dorm rooms across the universe.

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