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July 10, 2006


New York magazine reviews recent DVD documentary releases about Luna and the Minutemen.

Popmatters lists twelve memorable one-man studio albums.

In a Stylus Soulseeking column, Mallory O'Donnell explains how downloading increased his music buying.

Since my first experiments with downloading songs, the expansiveness of my musical taste has only increased. I've since rediscovered everything I'd ever fallen in love with (even the things I originally turned away from as I began downloading) and delved into vast new areas of music I had never "gotten" before (reggae, bluegrass, house, etc.). Once I began making money again, I resumed my love of dropping sick amounts of cash on records and CDs—and you can be sure that since the time I downloaded my first mp3, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars I would never have otherwise. Most of my first purchases were things that I had previously downloaded, but wanted to own. The ability to hear music on demand, even just a single song, was the most crucial turning point in my evolution as a listener. I snaked my way out of scenes, genres, artists, and discographies and went straight to the place when the sound slapping against your eardrums is all that matters.

Stylus interviews Fyfe Dangerfield of Guillemots.

How do you feel being described as ‘wacky’ or ‘zany’ or ‘eccentric’?

It does somewhat create the impression that we run around in clown's costumes and stuff—I think if anybody tries to do anything different these days they get the same label. It's hard to convince people of this, but when we use, say, paperclips inside a piano, we don't do it because we think people will think we're ker-azee—we do it because it sounds good. That's not to say it's not amusing, because it can be, but the main priority is the music. If you do things like that in ‘high art’ music, you're revered, but if you try to do in ‘pop’ music these days you get ridiculed a bit.

Salon lists "the 10 men who might just inspire the rebirth of Jewish male cool," including Phantom Planet frontman Alex Greenwald.

Comic Fodder examines two comics-related essays by author Michael Chabon.

If you are in North Carolina, catch the Mountain Goats' John Darnielle tonight DJ'ing at Chapel Hill's Local 506 when Wetnurse and the Heuristic aren't playing.

Drowned in Sound talks to singer-songwriter Cortney Tidwell.

Tidwell is one of many relatively leftfield artists appearing at this summer’s Latitude Festival, and is particularly excited about sharing a bill with the Scottish post-rockers.

“I LOVE Mogwai… I hope I’m playing the same day as them.”

I comment, slipping into stereotype: that’s hardly the kind of taste I’d expect from a Nashville-based singer-songwriter...

“Yeeeeah, but do you really classify me as… well, I guess I am a singer-songwriter… but I don’t wanna be. I mean, why don’t we call Howe Gelb a singer-songwriter?”


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