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July 21, 2006


This Is London profiles Scritti Politti, and talks to Green Gartside.

As for the Mercury nomination, "There's part of me that thinks it's just that I've been around long enough to be on the list. And I haven't made that many records, I suppose. It's not like, 'Oh God, it's him again.'"

The Stylus list of the 100 music videos of all time is finally complete.

Tyee Books offers several books about the Middle East conflict.

Far from dry policy prescriptions, these compelling narratives stand apart from myriad other books in the field by relating the human story behind the headlines and focusing on fundamental issues that rarely make the news.

Stylus lists the "top ten most regrettable album purchases."

Comics fans, visit the online Museum of Black Superheroes.

CS Indy attends the 23rd annual Romantic Times Booklovers Convention.

On Day Two, I join a panel discussion on paranormal romance. Eighty women and I are soaking up pointers on vampire sex and werewolf love from authors Cheyenne McCray, Deidre Knight and MaryJanice Davidson. Someone asks the panel what the writers are currently working on. Knight says her latest book "is kind of a fusion of paranormal, sci-fi and time travel. With a sultry guy who has sex, of course."

Singer-songwriter Juana Molina talks to the Independent.

"I grew up listening to music I didn't understand so I'm totally used to enjoying music without understanding the lyrics," she continues. "I think the whole way I listen to music now has been a little bit deformed by that experience."

Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning talks to the Japan Times about Canada's Polaris music prize.

"There are no terrible bands on the Polaris shortlist. Awards are a funny thing, but if we were fortunate enough to receive the prize I'd gladly march up to the podium and give a two-minute speech. I could cry like Halle Berry did at the Oscars, but I'd need to practice. . ."

Author T.C. Boyle talks with Pasadena Weekly about his latest novel, Talk Talk.

“This is not a thriller,” said Boyle. “I want to defeat your expectations because otherwise I would be a hack. … I don’t read thrillers, but of course I’ve seen many thriller movies, and, you know, there’re always people stabbing one another and then they pop out from under the bed with nine knives in their backs, and I’m just not interested in that sort of thing.”

Jack White talks to the Independent about his history with the Greenhornes.

"I recorded the Greenhornes in my living room in 1998," says White. "We played shows together in 1997. It's funny now, with what's been happening with this band. We see old posters where we were all on the same bill. My favourite is a White Stripes and Greenhornes poster from a Nashville show, with Loretta Lynn's face on it. We ended up on her record, and now we all live in Nashville!"

Boston's Phoenix interviews Peaches.

Peaches also speaks with he Independent.

"I was thinking how men seem to find it really difficult to look at a powerful woman and say, 'Wow! I wish I was you'", says Peaches. "The inspiration might have been 'TNT' by AC/DC, or any of those songs where it's like 'The boy comes to town! Lock up your daughters!' I mean, why is it always a guy who gets to play the Antichrist?"

She also talks to the Boston Globe.

"I write about power roles and a lot of it is based around sex," she explains. ``Religion is based around sex, around abstinence and rules. Either you're blessed with 70 virgins or you're not allowed to have sex until you get married. It's brainwashing, and I just try to sing about it as a way for people to realize that it shouldn't be such a big deal."

The Guardian has musicians, including Adem, discuss the film, The Wicker Man.

The Independent reviews recently published books aimed at 8 to 12 year-olds, as well as children's audiobooks.

Nathan Gage of Shapes and Sizes talks to Vancouver's Straight.

“I think as a working musician you have the mentality of taking whatever gigs come your way,” says Gage, who had just found work at a video store on the day of our interview. “I’ve gotten fed up with that, and I’d rather play music I want to play and take a day job.” Hearing Shapes and Sizes, and trying to figure out what makes the songs tick, it’s hard not to root for him and his bandmates.

The Guardian reviews the first volume of 20 year-old soccer player Wayne Rooney's autobiography.

"My own England debut, yeah, that was good. I'll always remember it. And my Everton debut, that was good too. . ."

His phrasing may be economical, yes, but paradoxically it is so rich one almost fancies oneself at the touchline on those auspicious days, or perhaps in the tunnel as this gauche young pitbull prepared to take his first faltering steps on the journey to wherever it is he's going.

AOL Music lists the 111 "wussiest" songs of all time.


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