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July 24, 2006


The New York Times reviews singer-songwriter Jens Lekman's Friday show.

His music lives in the same general neighborhood as the Magnetic Fields or Belle and Sebastian, which is another way of saying that his witty, self-pitying songs aren’t quite as glum as they might first seem.

The Mail & Guardian profiles CNBC's Maria Bartiromo, quoting Joey Ramone's song about the financial reporter.

What’s happening on Wall Street
What’s happening at the stock exchange
I want to know
What’s happening on Squawk Box
What’s happening with my stocks
I want to know
I watch you on the TV every single day
Those eyes make everything OK
I watch her every day
I watch her every night
She’s really out of sight
Maria Bartiromo
Maria Bartiromo
Maria Bartiromo
Maria and Sophia

The New York Times profiles author Will Clarke.

Will Clarke, a Southern frat boy-turned-adman, has burst onto the literary scene like a kid cannonballing off the high-dive — after skulking outside the pool for a decade. His author photo shows a man who resembles Vince Vaughn (without the hair). His plotting reveals a man who thinks like Will Ferrell and dreams like Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Stylus kicks off its monthly metal column, Left Hand Path.

Harmonium interviews Elf Power frontman Andrew Rieger.

Harmonium: What is the latest news from Athens’ music scene? Are there new bands that you’ve been listening to, Elephant 6 or otherwise, that we should keep our ears open for?

Rieger: There’s always good music coming out of Athens…some good new bands yet to release records are Dark Meat, Still Small Voice and the Joyful Noise, The Ginger Envelope and Deerhunter.

Blender lists the 25 biggest wusses in music.

In the Raw is a Sydney music television program that offers interviews and performance from Liars, Buck 65, the Fiery Furnaces and more.

Singer-songwriter Regina Spektor shares her love for the Beatles' Rubber Soul album with Harp.

Rubber Soul sounded to me like pure happiness. It was like superconcentrated happiness droplets! The Beatles’ voices just felt so good. The “beep beep, beep beep, yeah!” in “Drive My Car” is just pure goodness!

Good Hodgkins has an essay examining the importance of music blogs.

There’s nothing inherently important about music blogging just as there’s nothing inherently important about blogging in general. If anything, the fact that anyone can do it makes it necessarily un-important. If everybody had a 44-inch vertical leap, it’s likely that the name Michael Jordan would never have become synonymous with basketball. Similarly, the only music blogs that matter are the ones that offer something above and beyond. Anyone can suck at Horse.

The Denver Post releases the results from its underground music poll.

The Daily Scotsman will start a short story podcast next week.

Whatever the author's origins, literary festivals flatter and calm. Of course, they also create tensions. Show me an author who claims not to examine each festival booklet to make sure that the admission fee for his event is the top price, and I will show you an author who specialises in fiction.

The Guardian equates the growing number of book festivals with a "healthy, literate future."

Indie Spinner Rack is an independent comics podcast.


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