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August 13, 2006

Daily Downloads

Buttercup: several tracks [mp3]
"Hot Love" [mp3] from Hot Love

Buttercup: "It's in the Way (live at KVRX)" [mp3]

Canarctic: "Collapsing Dub (live at KVRX)" [mp3]

CJ Boyd: "And Indeed There Will Be Time (live at KVRX)" [mp3]

Fortress of Attitude: several tracks [mp3]
"Heroes of Rock" [mp3]

Fortress of Attitude: "Dear Aerosmith (live at KVRX)" [mp3]

Meryll: several tracks [mp3]
"Classy" [mp3] from You've Got Cousins

plus/minus: "Steal the Blueprints" [mp3] from Let's Build A Fire (out October 24th)

Tambersauro: "Flashback to a Mere Point in Time (live on KVRX)" [mp3]

ToneArm: one downloadable and several streaming tracks [mp3]

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