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August 23, 2006

Daily Downloads

Portastatic's Mac McCaughan must be taking note of labelmate Robert Pollard's prolific output, the band will release its second album of the year, Be Still Please, on October 12th.

Portastatic: "Sour Shores" [mp3] from Be Still Please (out October 10th)

Blood Meridian: several tracks [mp3]
"Let It Come Down (live)" [mp3]

El Perro Del Mar: "Dog" [mp3] from El Perro Del Mar

Elliott Smith: 1996-07-14, Portland [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Thirteen" [mp3]

The Mules: "Teenage Freak Girls" [mp3]

redcarsgofaster: two demo tracks [mp3]
"Figure" [mp3]

Rotary Ten: one downloadable and several streaming tracks [mp3]">Van She: "Kelly" [mp3] from Van She

Various Artists: free and legal singles from Sybris Records [mp3]

Xiu Xiu: "Boy Soprano" [mp3] from The Air Force (out September 12th)

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