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August 21, 2006

Daily Downloads

About: two tracks [mp3]

Brrr: several tracks [mp3]

Chelsea Smiles: several tracks [mp3]

The Instances: several tracks [mp3]
"The Mist Covered Mountains of Pittsburgh" [mp3] from Split Cassette

The Legendary Jack Young: several tracks [mp3]

Mathletes: several tracks [mp3]

Mathletes: "Pinnochiobot" [mp3] from Fort Awesome

Meanings: several tracks (click "four-track demos") [mp3]
"North White Plains" [mp3]

Ryan Lee Crosby: several tracks [mp3]
"Obey Me" [mp3] from There Is No Music

Various Artists: 2006 Cock Rock Disco compilation [mp3]

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Hype Machine (stream these tracks at the mp3 blog aggregator)


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