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August 1, 2006


The Denver Post examines edgy teen reading.

Cracked lists the 9 most spin-off worthy comedy characters.

9. Sequel to: Office Space

Character: Milton Waddams (Stephen Root)

Why:The vastly underrated Stephen Root and the Milton character that he brought to such vivid life in the first film finally get their chance to shine. The movie Office Space was inspired by a bunch of animated shorts Judge did in the early ‘90s that focused on Milton, so a spin-off would actually be coming full circle.

Pitch: The entire original cast returns, though Root is now the focus. Milton, having now had his desk actually moved off the premises, finally flips out and goes on the office killing spree that temps everywhere have spent their lunch hours daydreaming about for decades. Mike Judge is gone but Brian De Palma happily takes the reigns.

Okkervil River's message board gives the skinny on the band's Australia/New Zealand tour EP, Overboard and Down.

Featuring a cover of Big Star's O, Dana (a line from which is the source of the EP’s title), as well as a live recording of Westfall (taken from the band’s first album Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See), the EP is Okkervil River at its most carefree – without sacrificing the rawness and enthusiasm of its previous recordings.

The Sleater-Kinney blog, Tiny Suns Infused With Sour, is holding a poll guessing the band's last live song.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer profiles All for Kids Books & Music, the city's oldest children's bookstore.

The Village Voice, Rolling Stone and LiveDaily review the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Dallas television station WFAA profiles local music blogger Chris Cantalini of Gorilla vs. Bear.

In March, his plugs for Tapes 'n Tapes helped the Minneapolis art-pop band get noticed by other music blogs and Rolling Stone, which credited Gorillavsbear for helping discover the band.

Mr. Cantalini says such praise embarrasses him: "Really, all I'm doing is facilitating people listening to it. I'm not technically discovering anything."

CBS News explains why graphic novels are so popular.

Terry Moore, author of the long running, self-published "Strangers In Paradise," compares the graphic novel business to "the Hollywood movie industry in the forties."

Moore told, "This is a really great industry to find America's best short story writers right now because where else are you going to find them?"

When asked to explain why writers would be attracted to the comic industry he said, "The asset of the comic over the movie is that the comic has not gone through so many creative-by-committee filters."


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