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August 3, 2006


John Congleton of the pAper chAse talks to Popmatters.

While he respects old-style emo-forefathers like Fugazi and Rites of Spring, Congleton has little patience for the current crop of mall-punk rockers with a day in their name. "Those emo bands and pre-fabricated people, it's basically like glam rock, where heavy metal was bastardized to the point where it became this completely self-parodied shit," he says. "If we were really an emo band, would we be on Kill Rock Stars? Does anybody ever ask themselves that? Would we draw the kind of fan base we have if we were an emo band?"

The Austin Chronicle profiles Pitchfork, talking to founder Ryan Schreiber in the process.

"As for us destroying bands' careers ... I would hope that's not the case, because that's not our intent," he says. "But no one agrees with us 100 percent of the time. Once you get into people-pleasing, you lose what makes it criticism."

Is National Novel Writing Month too long for you? Attempt the 3-Day Novel Contest.

MungBeing released its ninth online issue.

Stream today's Mountain Goats performance on BBC 6 Music's Gideon Coe show.

Man Man frontman Honus Honus talks to Flagpole.

"How long are you a buzz band before you’re buzzed off? I really want to know this. Things are definitely way better than they were before, though. We’re honing all of this stuff, I suppose. Who knows? We could have a fluke pop hit.”

Flagpole previews anticipated local album releases.

Recorded in January of 2005, the second solo album from Drive-By Truckers songwriter Patterson Hood looks likely to sit on the shelf for a little while longer. The delay so far is due to "a combination of music industry crap and DBT obligations," says Hood.

Members of Built to Spill list great albums for

White Whale's Matt Suggs talks to Raleigh's Independent Weekly.

"It pretty much just kind of happened," says Suggs, who has been releasing albums on Merge Records since 1992 with his first band, Butterglory, and later under his own name. "There wasn't a concept at all from the beginning when we practiced. The idea was just to get us all in a room and see what happened."

Rolling Stone recaps reader response to its list of the best first songs on first albums.

Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug talks to the Victoria Times.

“I think we’ve always sort of wanted to do other things than just Wolf Parade,” said Krug, explaining the polygamous band-hopping that takes place. “We all have different sounds and everyone’s interested in other things, as well as this one band. And I think one band is not enough for us, every guy should be off doing something else. And we’re all friends in the end. We get along, so branching off isn’t like a bad thing.”

Author J. Robert Lennon talks to the Ithaca Times about his novel, Happyland (now running in serial in Harper's).

Of Harper's abridged version of his novel, Lennon says, "In spirit, it's basically all there," but "there's a little more plot in the full version [and] a lot more reflection. I think it's a little more patient in its longer form."

Author Jami Attenberg has a piece in the current PRINT magazine, "The Girl's Guide to Writing and Publishing," complete with a chick-lit chart.

Drowned in Sound interviews the creators of Cartoon Network's series, Metalocalypse.

While the show’s obviously tongue in cheek in its presentation of a metal band, presumably traits were taken and exaggerated from existing acts: are individual band members based on any particular musicians?

Small: No band member is representing any particular celebrity, but rather a combination of metal archetypes that we think are interesting. Swedish guitar gods, brooding vocalists, self-hating bass players, the rhythm guitarist who gets pushed around – if you've been in a band you might know a few of these dudes, or you might be one of them. What I'm saying is: get out there and start a band. Be creative. For once.

Blacha: (The band is) just a wonderful goulash of awesome archetypes.

Destructoid lists the top ten most psychedelic video games ever.

Wikipedia lists popular musicians by academic degree.


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