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August 6, 2006


In the Chicago Tribune, Greg Kot reviews day two of Lollapalooza.

The Bradenton Herald lists "reigning rock greats."

The Observer attended last week's Lumos 2006, a Harry Potter symposium.

It could be any other academic conference apart from the fact that there are at least three middle-aged women dressed as witches complete with hats, cloaks and wands. In front of me is a row of four twenty-something women in grey school skirts, knee-socks and black gowns. And, sitting next to me, assiduously writing notes with a feathered quill onto what looks like parchment, is a boyish-looking teenage girl with cropped brown hair, and, the tell-tale giveaway, a pair of little round glasses.

The Telegraph pays tribute to cover bands, talking to members of the Antarctic Monkeys, Oashish, and Crowded Scouse.

'The thing about tribute bands is they take the snobbery out of it. These are cabaret acts. Anyway, pop has been eating itself for years. The charts are full of recycled material. Oasis invited the Bootleg Beatles to support them on a tour a few years back. You could say that was one Beatles tribute band supporting another.'

The Observer interviews author Alain de Botton.

My first book was called Essays in Love. I envisaged it as a series of essays. I sold it to a publisher who said, 'Look, it's a novel, we're going to stick "A Novel" on it.' There's a feeling in Britain that to be a writer is to be a novelist, and it took me a while to get the courage to do what I wanted to do, which is to write essays.

Moleskine offers images of the notebooks of famous artists and authors, including Picasso, Sartre, and Gertrude Stein.

An interesting new food blog is Cooking Cute, a Bento Blog.

Author Chuck Klosterman lists "music you should hear" for

'Separation Sunday', The Hold Steady
Playing this album is like reading a novel about Catholicism during the soundcheck before an AC/DC concert. Buy it right now.

see also: Klosterman's "book notes" essay for his book, Killing Yourself to Live.


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