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August 7, 2006


The Globe and Mail examines the of success of Canadian roots artists in Europe.

The Chicago Tribune talks to a local librarian about "gangsta lit."

Drawe said the gangsta books are so thoroughly read that they're returned dog-eared and tattered, if they're returned at all.

Gangsta lit, which has been around in some form for decades, began its revival about five years ago. It's not surprising that many of the readers enjoy the genre because they identify with the themes or the characters. They see themselves in the pages, which is why many are taking up reading novels for the first time.

In the Chicago Sun-Times, Jim DeRogatis calls Lollapalooza the "Wal-Mart of music festivals" in wrapping up the 2006 event.

The New York Sun talks to the publishers of the music blog, Ruined Music.

"There's no reason you shouldn't enjoy your music collection just because somebody dropped you," Ms. Phillips-Sandy said. Their Web site may have a cathartic impact: Their description of the site optimistically proclaims: "Tell us your story. Reclaim your music."

Stylus offers a guide to goth music.

Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner talks to Popmatters.

Wired News offers instructions for becoming a digital DJ.

Scritti Politti's Green Gartside talks to the Herald.

"What a life," he giggles. "I guess the man who hits his 50s, and has never had a proper job and has only made a handful of records is mildly interesting. But what is fascinating to me are the people who stick to the schedule: an album every two years, then a tour. It doesn't appeal to me at all. I don't know where the room would be for real life. I never make plans and I certainly don't aspire to whatever the career of a professional pop musician is, but it's miraculous that it works out for me - that you can disappear for a long time and still have anybody interested in what you are doing. I feel very, very lucky."

Dane101 interviews Amanda Barrett of the Ditty Bops.

The Huffington Post pointed out the online release of the Rickie Lee Jones protest song, "Have You Had Enough" (mp3 link).


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