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August 8, 2006


The August issue of Bookslut is amazing, as usual, and contains:

an interview with author Steve Almond:

You said in an interview that you were hoping to write four kinds of books, a novel, a short story collection, a nonfiction, and a collection of poetry. So now you have half?

I totally failed miserably at novels. They're incredibly hard, and I can't do it yet. That's going to take a while. This is a nonfiction book, but the next book after that, which Algonquin will also publish, is another book of stories. So yeah, I'm two for four, if you're keeping score. I've actually written some poems, but nothing you'd want to put into a manuscript. At all. If I'm seventy and I get a volume of poetry published, I'll be like, "Cool!" I hope it doesn't take until seventy for a novel.

an interview with author Augusten Burroughs:

But if you meet a writer you look up to, there is this thing where you don't want to bug them.

I know what you mean. I talked on the phone with Elizabeth Berg [Durable Goods, Talk Before Sleep] and that's how I felt. I worship Elizabeth Berg.

You said that at Bumbershoot, and I've read that in every interview...

I have an Elizabeth Berg obsession...

Popmatters reviews the recent Jesus and Mary Chain reissues. reviews FM transmitters for your mp3 player.

LiveDaily reviews this year's Lollapalooza festival.

Harp profiles the "sixth Drive-By Trucker," David Barbe.

David Barbe has manned the booth for the Drive-By Truckers’ recent spate of critically lauded records. First brought in to salvage 2001’s Southern Rock Opera, Barbe’s surgical mix transformed the $5,000, warehouse-recorded double-album into a raucous sonic rave-up that appeared on countless year-end best-of lists.

Asia Pacific Arts interviews Soul Sides' Oliver Wang.

APA: Both your audioblog and poplicks page are incredible resources, not just for music and pop culture fans, but especially for Asian Americans that are interested in learning about their roles in pop culture. Is it only a matter of time before we see an Asian soul phenomenon?

OW: Well, there was my man Sway in American Idol this season, and he was singing definitely in that. Yea, I do think it’s just a matter of time, I mean, since I moved up to the Bay Area in the '90s I’ve seen a lot of aspiring Asian American singers, specifically singing in a sort of contemporary R&B vein, really trying to make it.

see also: part one and part three of the interview

APA also interviews Jeff Chang, author of Can't Stop, Won't Stop.

Metromix interviews Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis.

What's up with one of your fans tattooing Rilo Kiley lyrics on her back?

The lyrics are actually in French and they say, "With every broken heart we will become more adventurous."

Did you see that and think, "Man, I've got better lyrics!"?

I actually thought that I have some worse ones, so that wasn't a terrible choice. But then I imagined this girl in 40 years and I wonder if it'll look the same--probably not--and if she'll regret it.

MathFiction chronologically lists fiction that features math.

Sports Illustrated lists the top 10 sports songs.


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