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August 11, 2006


Erasing Clouds has added several interviews to its "100 musicians answer the same ten questions" series, including John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats and Tobin Sprout, formerly of Guided By Voices.

Athens Exchange interviewed John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats.

AE: What writer/novelist would you say your sound most closely resembles?

JD: These days? Maybe Horace in his more contemplative moments. Back in the day a bit for me it was more Juvenal though. All that salt and vinegar, like an eastern Carolina barbeque. I do still love the eastern bbq though. Drink it straight from the bottle.

The Guardian announced that "this is set to be prog rock's finest summer since Roger Dean posters were de rigueur in student halls of residence."

Glide posted Kaki King's fall tour dates.

IGN called David Lloyd's graphic novel, Kickback, "one of the year's best books."

In the Guardian, Alex Petridis reviewed Paris Hilton's debut album.

She sings like a woman who has heard of something called singing, can't be sure of exactly what it might entail, but is fairly certain you do something a bit like this. She sounds both distracted and bored stiff, as if making an album is keeping her from the more serious business of standing around a nightclub in a pair of really enormous sunglasses.

Joe DeGeorge of Harry and the Potters talked to the Tacoma News Tribune about playing in alternative venues, like libraries and schools.

"Paul and I are attached to the idea of having rock shows in cool venues, like libraries," says Joe. "When you play at a real venue, the place is more interested in serving alcohol than having people come to enjoy the music. If somebody is coming to a library, they have no preconceived notions about anything."

Popmatters reviewed Arthur Lee's album, Forever Changes.

Part of the album's perverse charm lies in its contradictions. For instance, its most assured and ebullient songs are belied by Lee's lyrics. On this album, Lee -- like Barrett on Piper -- displays an uncanny facility for concision, capturing a larger truth somehow by not quite saying it. Lee's audacity, at 22, in employing non sequiturs creates an unfiltered vision, revealing a lack of cynicism and trust in his abilities as well as those of his listeners.

Singer-songwriter Steve Earle has signed to New West Records.

At McSweeney's, Ken Krimstein lists Leonard Cohen's seven immutable laws of business.

Kathryn Yu shared her love for the Grates "19-20-20" on NPR's Song of the Day.

The Grates' music is infectiously and unabashedly enthusiastic, and "19-20-20" in particular is a joyous, high-spirited romp complete with swinging horns and a jackhammer chorus.

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child is a podcast featuring cool music for kids.

Austin City Limits Festival 2006 Artist Previews is a blog devoted to profiling this year's performers, complete with mp3 downloads.


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