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August 16, 2006


Shapes and Sizes talk to the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Shapes and Sizes fit on the energetic Asthmatic Kitty roster, but I wouldn't have expected it. Neither did the band. "We sent out around 50 demos, and three or four labels responded. Asthmatic Kitty got back to us quickly and were excited," said vocalist-guitarist Rory Seydel and vocalist-keyboardist Caila Thompson-Hannant, speaking at the same time on a conference call from Victoria, British Columbia.

Seattle Weekly reviews the final Sleater-Kinney live show.

Their farewell set was culled mostly from The Woods, their latest album and easily the best record of 2005. And it was performed while a sweaty mass of insane fans stomped their feet, whistled, screamed, and, of course, cried.

Michael Kingcaid of What Made Milwaukee Famous talks to the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Synthesis interviews Mike Skinner of the Streets.

You get a lot of recognition as a storyteller. What inspires you, past or present?

I like a lot of films and rap music, like Jay-Z, Paul Wall at the moment, Kanye, the producer Just Blaze, and in the past Redman and Wu- Tang Clan. I think Wu-Tang was a lot more popular in the UK than they were in the US.

Paste lists the ten best dead songwriters.

Billboard reports that Replacements members Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson collaborated on two songs of the Open Season soundtrack (out September 26).

The Onion A.V. Club lists 12 acceptable man vs. beast films.

The Christian Science Monitor examines the appeal of graphic novels to "tweens."

"People realized there are kids who love comics, and no one was publishing anything for them," says David Saylor, vice president and creative director of Scholastic, a publisher of children's books. "We live in a virtual world. It just seemed like a natural thing that kids would enjoy graphic novels, too."

Author Dame Darcy talks to Comic Book Resources about her illustrations for The Illustrated Jane Eyre.

"It's weird because Jane's psychology is really interesting," continued Darcy. "She approaches feminism in a really different way than I do, but I'm really glad that someone in the 1840s was feminist and was writing stuff like this and that it's lived on to today. It can still apply to today's world. It's a classic for a reason."

Matt Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces puts his iPod on shuffle for the Onion A.V. Club.

Harry Nilsson, "Coconut"

MF: Here's a funny one. On here somewhere, I've got the Muppets version of it, too. And the Muppets one is better, actually. This is the original one. He sings, "She put the lime in the coconut…" In the Muppets one, they—I don't know who's singin' it, it's not Miss Piggy—but they sing, "Froggy put the lime in the coconut."

Associated Content profiles ten blogs about music in New York city.

The Onion A.V. Club offers their "Definitive Mixlist: The New Adventures Of Jesus."

The Drowned in Sound Tuesday DiScussion centers around "best of" albums.


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