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August 21, 2006


Dogmatika interviews author David Peace.

Author Jonathan Franzen talks to Time about bird watching.

"Much of bird watching is about disappointment," he says. "Part of the appeal is that really, more often than not, you don't see what you're looking for. The great pursuits are more about failure than about success."

The Chicago Tribune profiles Corey Rusk, founder of Touch and Go Records.

"If you went to the Harvard School of Business and presented the Touch and Go model as a way to run a business, they would laugh you out of the room," says Santiago Durango, a former Big Black guitarist who is now an attorney with the State Appellate Defender's office in Ottawa, Ill. "He's created a successful label that is not based on exploiting bands, and that makes him unique in the music business."

The Associated Press profiles author Kelly Link, who draws praise from my favorite novelist.

“I can’t think of another writer in the last five to 10 years who has given me such pleasure to read,” says Chabon, whose novels include “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh” and “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay,” winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

“Beyond the fantasy and the science fiction and the creepiness she’s so good at, she’s just such a good writer. She has this strange combination of naivete and sophistication mixed with a huge gift for language.”

Chabon is dead-on, I can wholly recommend Link's Magic for Beginners, and look for a Book Notes essay from her soon.

The Grates offer their "top ten tight-arse tricks" to save money while touring at Popmatters.

10. Honor Thy Parents: Once again, folks, rent money is dead money, especially when your bed is only required for a week every quarter or so! And admit it, you miss your family when you're away. Don't feel embarrassed about returning to your old room in the suburbs. Its bed may not have crispy sheets and present a mint on the pillow, but its free and its warm -- at the hearth and the heart!.

The Mountain Goats will have an interview and live set on KEXP today at 1 PDT.

A user examines why some bands lose their status among their fans when they become popular.

Analogik explains how to design a techno album cover.

The Buffalo News reviews Harvey Pekar's latest graphic novel, Ego & Hubris.

But one can't help noticing in this compelling, slice-of-life story that the Ukraine-born, Brooklyn-raised Malice is in many ways Pekar's alter-ego, only with a supreme sense of confidence and a cruel streak seemingly alien to the author.


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