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August 29, 2006


eBay zine auction of the day: Last Plane to Jakarta #1.

eBay vinyl auction of the day: 74 Guided By Voices and GBV-related 12" discs (starting bid: $900).

Parking Lot Cities has last Monday's Mountain Goats KEXP performance available as an mp3 download.

Joblo lists the top ten movies based on television shows.

Carnegie Mellon's student newspaper, the Tartan, examines Pittsburgh's local music scene.

The Telegraph reviews this year's Reading music festival.

The Carling Weekend, as it's now called, with its parallel event in Leeds, has long since outgrown its 1970s dinosaur-rock incarnation. These days, it's hip, up-to-the-minute, and it pulls in a crowd unified not by age, class or dress, but an unrivalled, clued-up appreciation of music.

Billboard reports on Andy Partridge's nine-disc box set, The Fuzzy Warbles Collectors Album (out October 16th).

Partridge rediscovered many forgotten tracks in the process. "'I Don't Want To Be Here' for one," he says. "Lots of folks love this song but XTC was pretty democratic, so if someone didn't go for a tune, it got binned. 'Everything' was another. One of the most touching lyrics I ever wrote -- in the toilet. 'The Bland Leading the Bland' -- so proud of this autobiographical rallying call to end that boring donut mentality. You can kind of see why I just didn't want these songs collecting dust and going unheard. We threw away better material than most bands made a career out of."

Associated Content lists five "great poetry blogs."

Harp interviews Andrew Beaujon, author of Body Piercing Saved My Life: Inside the Phenomenon of Christian Rock.

Most interesting people you interviewed? Why did Sufjan Stevens refuse to talk?

I found David Bazan to be fascinating because of the “missionary position” he’d adopted toward evangelical culture. Here’s a guy who by all rights should never darken the door of a Christian event ever again, but he keeps going back to try to make the point that a literal faith in the bible is a house built on sand. Sufjan doesn’t want to be associated with Christian rock. That’s fair enough.

AZNightBuzz interviews singer-songwriter Kristin Hersh.

AZNB: I read that you’ve also worked with Vic Chesnutt, who is playing the same night. He was very complimentary about you when I interviewed him. What have you and he done together, and are you psyched to be on the same bill as Howe and Vic?

KH: Vic and I did a double bill where we sat on stage together and traded songs back and forth. He is amazing to watch. He becomes a child, then an old man when he plays. I can’t think of a more important American songwriter than Vic. He has this magic, dangerous element that allows his songs to talk louder than he does.

Bradley's Almanac has Ted Leo's Cambridge show from earlier this month available as an mp3 download.


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