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September 1, 2006


Stylus presents a New Order list this week: the top ten reasons why “Bizarre Love Triangle” > “Blue Monday”.

Harmonium lists songs for the Labor Day Weekend.

The Stranger previews the Bumbershoot festival's literary offerings by asking, "What Would Happen if the Black Hole Guy Decided to Beat Up the Fight Club Guy?"

I contacted my friend Paul, a geek with fine taste who has met both authors. Paul might or might not run illegal cockfights out of his girlfriend’s basement on the weekends. (Probably not, but he can still smell a winner.)

“Chuckie P is a bodybuilder/weightlifter,” Paul tells me. “You can’t tell from his headshots, but he’s ripped. Also a health nut. Chuckie B is a standard comic-book nerd, although I remember him as being pretty tall. But balding and glasses and prone to wearing plaids and pants with pleats.”

The Guardian discusses "rowdy bands, unruly fans and riotous gigs."

It's happening because, as indie and rock have replaced pop as the teenager's preferred music, audiences are getting more enthusiastic. But equally, there's a sense of a backlash against two years of endless middle-of-the-road, piano-led rock bands and singer-songwritery gigs where nothing tends to happen. "Kids are looking for more excitement," says McNicholas, "and that means wilder live gigs." Beneath his Bolan-Dylan homage of a haircut, Jon Fratelli is quietly but spikily dismissive of "all these singer-songwriters who think it started with David Gray".

The Mountain Goats have announced a second leg of US tour dates for fall.


20 - Durham, NC, Troika Music Festival
23 - St. Louis, MO, Washington University
24 - Springfield, MO, Randy Bacon Gallery
26 - Norman, OK, the Opolis
27 - Lubbock, TX, Jake's Back Room
28 - Denton, TX, Rubber Gloves
29 - Austin, TX, the Parish
31 - Baton Rouge, LA, Spanish Moon


1 - Birmingham, AL, the Bottle Tree
3 - Atlanta, GA, the Earl
4 - St Augustine, FL, Cafe Eleven
6 - Tallahassee, FL, Club Downunder

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer lists the ten best literary pairings at this week's Bumbershoot festival.

5. Sean Wilsey, Alison Bechdel, 6:30 p.m., Monday, Alki Room

Creators of two of the most praised and popular memoirs of recent seasons discuss dispensing family secrets. Wilsey's "Oh the Glory of It All" is a scathingly humorous account of growing up with a 24-karat spoon in his mouth in San Francisco, while Bechdel's "Fun Home" is a searing graphic novel that looks at her father's closeted life and her own coming out as a lesbian. Full disclosure: This critic moderates their discussion.

The Simon reviews Alison Bechdel's graphic memoir, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic.

Fun Home also pulls off a portrait of how the invisible histories and private lives of parents impress unwittingly upon children emotionally and psychologically. Plenty of books attempt that, but fewer pull it off without connect-the-dots associations or posturing, fewer still with Fun House’s effortless juggling of past, present and future.

Will Sheff of Okkervil River talks to the Sydney Morning Herald.

"Every time I get pissy about how I'm 30 and I've been doing it for 8 1/2 years and we still don't sell that many records, in all honesty, I remember I get to do what I love for a living."

The Nation explores "writers from the other Asia," Korea.

The Independent lists the Beatles top ten (lawsuits).

Popmatters reviews this year's V Festival.

We get treated to most of Morrissey's latest, overrated album, a few b-sides and the Moz taking his shirt off three (yes three!) times. Like so much of this set, it just doesn't work. Morrissey may remain a gloriously charismatic stage presence, and you almost forget he's been crap when he plays a sparkling version of "Irish Blood, English Heart", but it can't make up for what is an exceptionally lackluster headlining slot. After a stunningly lifeless "How Soon Is Now", he thanks us all, leaves the stage, and doesn't bother with an encore.

Chris Moriarty defines "chickpunk," and lists authors who fit the definition.

Chickpunk is my rough and ready name for a number of women who write hard SF or military SF with a cyberpunk slant and who I think are creating a new and exciting kind of science fiction.

Stereogum discusses mp3 blog etiquette regarding deeplinking (brought on by mainstream media's deeplinks to Pitchfork's exclusive Decemberists track).

So when Pitchfork had the exclusive on that new Decemberists track yesterday, I was surprised to see so many of the old-school media music blogs (AOL, USA Today, Rolling Stone, etc...) deeplink to the file, and not the post.


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