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October 20, 2006


Popmatters interviews author Chuck Klosterman.

Music Marketing For Free lists 5 mistakes indie music sites make.

NPR is streaming last night's Wilco performance.

Found Magazine founder Davy Rothbart talks to Minnesota Public Radio.

Spoon's Britt Daniel talks to about his score for the film, Stranger than Fiction.

"We watched the movie and tried to come up with stuff off the cuff, but we got a little bit more lucky with me coming in with ideas and music I'd had before," Daniel tells from Austin, Texas, where Spoon are recording a new album. "Not stuff with words, just music -- stuff I'd shelved."

The Dallas Morning News features a trivia quiz based on the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash. wonders if trendspotters have "blown indie rock's cool"?

Dig a little deeper and you’ll see that the commodification of indie-rock’s music and style is everywhere. From the now-infamous alignment of Death Cab for Cutie and FOX’s The OC to Telus ads featuring bands like the Dandy Warhols, the Cribs, and, most recently, a fake Belle & Sebastian song by Texas outfit Oh No! Oh My!, an indie-rock soundtrack is now the quickest shorthand for “Spend your money at our totally-down-with-the-kids company, yo.”

Somewhere along the line, indie rock became the new easy listening, and indie-rock stars became the new Burt Reynoldses of the world. interviews Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio.

The University of Minnesota Libraries have acquired the manuscripts, correspondence and personal papers of poet Robert Bly.

Philip Gourevitch, editor of the Paris Review, talks to the Los Angeles Times.

"My mission was to revitalize the magazine, to give it new life for a new generation," says Gourevitch, 44, by phone from the Review's office in New York. "We want to be fresh. We want to be surprising."

The Hold Steady's Craig Finn talks to Vancouver's

“What you try to do with lyrics is use very specific examples to explain things that are more universal,” he reveals. “People are very interested in specifics. And my songs are deliberately written to kind of reveal something new on repeat listens. Because of that, people get tangled up in them, almost like a web.”

Finn also talks to the Seattle Times.

"There are a million songs in popular music about love — it's not exactly the most original topic. But love is this kind of weird thing where the older you get, it seems like it's the one thing you don't get any wiser about. It's still as much a mystery when you're 35 as it is when you're 15."

The Hook interviews Tilly and the Wall's Derek Pressnall.

The Hook: What else does rock music need, aside from more tap dancers?

Derek Pressnall: If you're giving your 10 percent to the world, it's going to be 10 percent that's different, because we're all different people. Anything goes in music. F*ck it -- pick up anything you want and play it.

The Washington Post's Going Out Gurus blog previews the city's DAM (District Awake Music) Festival.

The lineup lacks a truly big name, even in indie rock circles -- there's no Spoon, Yo La Tengo or New Pornographers here -- and instead features many up-and-coming bands who are currently best known to avid readers of MP3 blogs.

Reason is less than impressed with author Alan Moore's recently published graphic novel trilogy, Lost Girls.

Like a frigid bride on her wedding night, I found myself wanting the thing to end, yet the expanse of still unread pages seemed at times to be growing rather than shrinking.

Tripmaster Monkey lists "Asians in Sci-Fi" through the years.

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