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October 25, 2006


The Hold Steady's Tad Kubler talks to the Ottawa Sun.

"What we're doing right now certainly lacks the pretense and veneer of cool that a lot of bands are trying to emulate," Kubler asserts. "It's just five guys getting together every night and playing what they like to play."

Popmatters interviews singer-songwriter Jeremy Enigk.

Critics, it seems, have had quite the time categorizing Enigk’s music. Is it indie? Is it rock? Or emo-core? Some believe its roots to be descended from punk. Whichever it may be, as an artist or someone who creates, being pigeonholed can be unsavory at times, yet as artists we’re tying to form a connection with the world. “I don’t have a genre,” Enigk says. “I just play music. People need to create genres. Not that I have anything against that form of communication. But, really, if it’s anything, it’s rock ‘n’ roll.”

Drowned in Sound lists twenty albums that missed the cut for their 66 best albums since 2001.

Gene Yang, author of the National Book Award nominated graphic novel, American Born Chinese, talks to the San Francisco Gate.

The Seattle Times reviews Marisa Acocella Marchetto's graphic memoir, Cancer Vixen.

What makes it work is the funny, disarming superheroine of the title — Marchetto herself, determined to be a Vixen and not a Victim, and living an ordinary life (considering that she is a cartoonist for The New Yorker and Glamour, as well as the now-wife of a food celebrity, Silvano Marchetto, who drives a Maserati and has published his own cookbook) and struggling with ordinary problems as she comes to grips with a potentially life-threatening disease.

The Hold Steady performs in-studio at Minnesota Public Radio.

Forbes examines the commercial use of Nirvana songs.

"You will never see Kurt Cobain's music in a fast-food hamburger advertisement – that won't ever happen,'' Mestel says. "We're looking at things that relate to cutting-edge technologies, products that are green and eco-friendly, products that Kurt would have liked to have his music represented by.''

Sloan drummer Andrew Scott talks to the Victoria Times Colonist

"It was a really relaxed atmosphere making this," he says of Never Hear the End of It, which was recorded in the band's Toronto rehearsal space with its tour sound man, Nick Detoro. "We went at everyone's own pace."

David Johansen talks to the Daily Scotsman about the New York Dolls reunion.

"I didn't come into this thing - nor did any of us - thinking that we were going to continue," says lead Doll David Johansen, who still looks every inch the louche rock'n'roller, but now likes to recruit band members over a cup of tea and listen to Mahler's Fifth Symphony while he does interviews.

In the San Francisco Bay Guardian, author Michelle Tea interviews Bitch magazine cofounders.

"We do publish under a different model," Rasmussen concedes. "The biggest thing is, any profits that are left over at the end of the year" — "Insert laughter," Zeisler interjects sarcastically — "would just go back into the organization instead of being distributed to the people who work for the magazine."

The Drowned in Sound community discusses places to find new music.

T-shirt of the day: "On Eating the 100% Perfect Sandwich One Beautiful April Morning..." (inspired by the Haruki Murakami short story of the same name)

Ron Kaplan's Baseball Bookshelf is a blog focusing on baseball books.

In Harp, the Decemberists' Colin Meloy discusses the songs on the band's album, The Crane Wife.

“O Valencia!”

That was intended to be a gangland Romeo and Juliet. Even though I never figured out whether Valencia was the place or a name (laughs)! I think it had such a nice cadence to it. It’s one in a long line of Decemberists’ star-crossed lover stories. Also, that (guitar) line is deliberately ripped off of (R.E.M.’s) “7 Chinese Bros.” In fact so much so that we talked to Peter Buck about it and he gave us the okay.

Powerhouse Factories has some interesting indie rock show posters.

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