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October 28, 2006


New York's online indie music magazine The Deli has added a San Francisco counterpart (but wouldn't a great name have been "The Ghirardelli"?).

Author Alice Munro talks to the Toronto Star about her new book, The View from Castle Rock, and why it will be her last.

"I feel it's the right time to stop. I used to start writing at 7 in the morning, the best hours as far as freedom goes," says the author, who had a heart bypass four years ago. "Now I'm not out of bed 'til 8:30 and by 9, I'll get a phone call. I don't have the energy I used to."

The Houston Chronicle lists "five things worth knowing about Broken Social Scene."

The Washington Post reviews Geraldine McCaughrean's Peter Pan sequel, Peter Pan in Scarlet.

Neverland proved to be right up McCaughrean's alley. As her title suggests, the sequel she dreamed up is anything but pale. It's scarlet : like autumn, like danger, like a certain pirate captain's second-best coat. It also fairly flames with exuberance. Barrie, that subtle satirist, might actually have found it too exuberant, peppered as it is with italics and capital letters. But other than that, I think he would have found much to like about Peter Pan in Scarlet .

CourtTV profiles the 1947 Project, a blog and tour about Los Angeles crimes committed in that year, curated by Nathan Marsak and Kim Cooper (editor of Scram and author of the 33 1/3 book on Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea).

The tour highlights 47 locales — everything from the Hollywood apartment where Bela Lugosi died to a Sapphic love triangle that ended in a trick-or-treat slaying.

The Guardian profiles poetry publisher, Salt Publishing.

In a recent blog posting, Salt's founder Chris Hamilton-Emery criticises the notion that publishers should simply churn out material without trying to find readers: "I find it rather hard to support any idea of artistic quality and value when no one wants something. It's hard to see what any available criticism and even academic support can make of all the dead stock, or indeed how anyone can establish a Canon of the Unread."

The Washington Post delves into the Hype Machine and Pandora looking for new music online.

Radio, stuck for a couple of decades in a calcifying set of heavily researched formats, remains the cheapest and easiest way to hear the most popular tunes in the land. But a generation of listeners whose MP3 experience leads them to more eclectic tastes often finds radio formats too restrictive.

House actress Lisa Edelstein tells Parade that her favorite gadget is her iPod.

iPod’s changed my whole world. I carry one everywhere and now there is a soundtrack to my life.

Reuters examines devices that transfer vinyl albums into digital music.

Actress Amy Sedaris talks to the Globe and Mail about her book, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence.

Singer-songwriter Paul Simon talks to Minnesota Public Radio about his songwriting.

The Wrens are having fans be their Billy Preston (or "fifth Wren) on their current tour. Apply at the website to play with the band.

WFMU's Beware of the Blog shares "spooky, scary" songs for Halloween.

The Bat Segundo Show literary podcast has three new episodes available, featuring interviews with Nora Ephron, Joe Eszterhas, and Sidney Thompson.

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