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November 28, 2006


The Onion A.V. Club interviews Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan.

AVC: You don't print lyrics, but you make them available online. Why not simply make them part of the package, like your artwork?

MJK: Reading is more of a left-brain process, and listening to music is a right-brain function. And the right-brain function is far more emotional and has softer edges, so when you first hear the album, you should hear it and feel it. When you start "reading" it, then you're thinking it, and you rob yourself of that initial impression of how the sounds affect you.

Low's Alan Sparhawk puts his iPod on shuffle for the Onion A.V. Club.

Stone Temple Pilots, "Big Bang Baby"

AS: Great song. I think there are three or four songs on that record that are underappreciated gems of the late grunge years.

Slate profiles Pitchfork, "the indie music site that everyone loves to hate."

Harmonium gives a five star review to Joanna Newsom's Ys.

Not enough can be said about this landmark record, and no words can do it justice. It’s the sort of album that truly has to be experienced, and in more than just a passing sense. While she at times sounds like a faerie and at others like a cross between Bjork and Kate Bush, Joanna Newsom’s voice is only part of the picture, and the lush orchestration here is the perfect complement to her unique tone. Ys demands attention and analysis, and if you choose to grant both, it will reward your efforts more than any other album this year.

Popmatters interviews singer-songwriter Jay Bennett.

“Right now I got to say I’m enjoying the freedom of being a solo artist. I don’t think that’s always been the case and I’m not sure that will always be the case. I think they’re both really cool things. There’s a hell of a lot of responsibility being, like, the guy, you know?”

NPR's Morning Edition delves into the history of Vince Guaraldi's soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Lee Mendelson first paired Guaraldi's music with the Peanuts comic-strip characters for a television documentary about artist Charles Schulz and his pioneering strip.

Excited by the results in the documentary, Mendelson, Schulz and animator Bill Melendez set to work on a Christmas special that featured more of Guaraldi's music. But the network hated both the special and the music.

Woven Wheat Whispers is a legal folk music download service.

The Observer asks novelists, actors, and other celebrities for their favorite book of the year.

Adam Mars-Jones
Novelist and critic

With House of Meetings, Martin Amis (Jonathan Cape £15.99) has finally found a setting and a protagonist to accommodate all his jarring traits: the nihilistic swagger, the sourness and severity and self-regard. By writing about Russia under and after Stalin in a style of such exquisite fierceness, he pays tribute to Nabokov but also shames him, by confronting the history Nabokov refused.

This week, No Love For Ned's streaming internet show features an impromptu jam from Yellow Swans and Mouthus.

Brazilian Girls perform live in the Minnesota Rublic Radio studio.

NPR reviews fall's crop of cookbooks.

Drowned in Sound has added a new column, the "KCRW Corner," which will feature a new American artist every week.

NPR lists gift books to "delight, inspire, and 'wow'."

Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton perform on NPR's World Cafe.

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