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November 29, 2006


Popmatters reviews several books by and about poet Allen Ginsberg.

The Philadelphia Inquirer eulogizes author Bebe Moore Campbell.

Popmatters profiles the WBEZ public radio program, "This American Life."

Sure, there are podcasts and online archives, but This American Life is best experienced as a voice that inserts itself into your daily life in ways that are particular to the classic radio experience—driving in your car, sitting on your porch, sprawled across your bed. It’s an active listening that connects to your brain only through the ears, yet seems as tangible as being in the audience of a theater.

The winners of the 2006 National Outdoor Book Awards have been announced.

Cracked lists the seven "lamest fight scenes of all time."

Singer-songwriter Pete Yorn tells Harp 10 things you didn't know about him.

2) The first song I sang in public was “Talent Show” by the Replacements, and it was sophomore year of high school at a talent show. I was a singing drummer. And another band that was instrumental heard me and asked me to sing Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” that same night.

Daytrotter has Athens' Elf Power in the studio for a performance and interview.

In the San Francisco Bay Guardian, author Michelle Tea recommends some good books she read this year.

The Minneapolis City Pages interviews author Neil Gaiman.

CP: Are you still excited to see your writing turned into movies?

Gaiman: I don't ever remember being excited. Probably the nearest I got was Good Omens in 1990, the point where I was being flown into Hollywood in a jumbo jet, me and Terry Pratchett being fed smoked salmon while crossing the Atlantic. And then we had one of those standard Hollywood experiences where we're being kept in the Chateau Marmont, writing an outline every morning, which we're having a meeting about every afternoon, and realizing they've never read any of them.

Drowned in Sound reviews the Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas box set.

If it wasn't already sold-out on Play and Amazon, it'd make a perfect Christmas present for anyone from your little nephew, who you're trying to bribe into liking the same music as you, to your grandma who can't, for once, complain that it's too loud. It beats Slade and Wizzard hands down, anyway.

Today's 2006 music lists:

The Chicago Maroon - Emale Gray (best 5 albums)
The Chicago Maroon - Eric Benson (best 5 albums)
The Chicago Maroon - Ethan Stanislawski (best 5 albums)
The Chicago Maroon - Oliver Mosier (best 5 albums)
The Chicago Maroon - Rose Schapiro (best 5 albums)
Christianity Today (best Christian albums)
Fimoculous (21 albums of the year)

The Los Angeles Times profiles three "pop-folk" musicians: Joanna Newsom, Loreena McKennitt, and Karen Dalton.

Mute Math's self-titled album makes Christianity Today's list of the best Christian albums of 2006.

Ignatious J.Reilly, of A Confederacy of Dunces, has a MySpace page.

Dans Mon Cafe collects "these Boots Are Made for Walkin'" covers.

Venus zine interviews Colin Meloy of the Decemberists.

Do you worry your listeners have a hard time separating you from your characters?

Yeah , because pop music is typically a first-person monologue. It’s perfectly acceptable to write about these things in short stories or novels. It’s different in pop music because it’s seen as a confessional on the part of the songwriter.

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