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December 18, 2006

Monday's 2006 Year-end Music Lists Update

Today's 2006 best music lists (see also: the master list of 2006 online music lists):

Absolut Noise (favorite punk album)
Abstract Boy (albums)
All About My Movies (favorite albums)
Almighty Ryan (top albums)
BAGeL Radio (top albums, songs)
Blog, Etc. (favorite albums, songs)
Both Sides of the Mouth (best albums)
butterbox (ace albums)
Dave Heaton for The Big Takeover (music)
chromiumsix (top albums)
CRUeZiN' (best albums, songs)
Donewaiting (top Houston albums)
The Dude Abides (top singles)
Ear Farm (top albums)
Easily Fooled (top albums)
El Blog de Georgie (albums)
energyface (top albums)
Faronheit (top albums, ongoing)
Feldheim (top albums)
feuders (best album)
Glide (essential songs)
Green Clothes (top albums, shows)
Harmonium (best album booklets)
Harmonium (best albums)
Hip Displeasure (top albums, ongoing)
I Am Fuel You Are Friends (12 bloggers' consensus albums)
iayeeye (top albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best songs)
indieLondon (best albums)
Jinx the Monkey:: Drip! (favorite albums)
Jordan Minnesota (best albums)
lefauxmiroir (albums)
Mainstream Isn't So Bad...Is It? (albums)
Marathonpacks (guest lists)
mcgoody (best albums, reissues, shows) (favorite albums, songs) (top albums)
misscatastrophe (top albums)
muhnipul8ta (best albums)
Musecology (best albums)
museum face (top albums)
Music-versity (recommended albums)
No Ripchord (top albums, ongoing)
Palm Beach Post (almost-best album)
A Perfect Vacuum (top albums, ongoing)
A Personal Miscellany (albums)
Pitchfork (top tracks)
Play for Shelter (favorite albums)
Popmatters (best albums)
Product Shop NYC (top albums)
PURGe (top albums, ongoing)
Radio Randy (best albums)
Reviews (best albums)
Ryan of Division Day (best albums, songs)
Sand Is Overrated (best albums)
SafeAsMilk (albums)
Still Talking Shit About (top albums)
Stranger to Sanity (best albums, ongoing)
Streethawk (favorite albums)
Streethawk (favorite songs)
Stylus (top albums)
Suspect Drawings - Ian (albums)
Suspect Drawings (disappointing albums)
Telegraph (best albums)
Time (best albums)
Truth in a Fable (best albums)
Ultimate Metal Forum members (best albums)
Unimpressive Stuff (favorite albums)
Useless Entertainment (albums, ongoing)
Virgin Digital (best pop & rock albums)
The World Famous Scooter Nix (albums)
Your Own Personal Jesus (best albums)
zmase (best albums)

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