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December 2, 2006


2006 best music lists:

The Brandeis Hoot (albums)
Exclaim! (electronic albums)
Exclaim! (experimental and avant-garde albums)
Exclaim! (folk, country and blues albums)
Exclaim! (funk, soul and outernational albums)
Exclaim! (hip hop albums)
Exclaim! (metal and hardcore albums)
Exclaim! (pop and rock albums)
Exclaim! (punk albums)
Metacritic (aggregated reviews of albums)
Nojesguiden (albums)
NPR's Folk Alley (top 10 CDs)
Oh No! Oh My! (songs and albums at Harmonium)
Razing the Bar (albums)
Textura (record labels)
Textura (more record labels)

Wisconsin's Badger Herald lists its top 5 comedian's of the year.

North Dakota State's Spectrum lists its ten favorite rocking Christmas songs.

The Onion A.V. Club lists ten songs about shopping.

Forbes has a special report on books this week.

The Denver Post lists "50 reads to wrap."

Forbes ponders if Jonathan Littell's Les Bienveillantes will be the hottest book of 2008.

Singer-songwriter Amy Millan talks to the Eugene Register-Guard about her solo music.

"Somebody said to me, 'It's going to be hard for the people who love country and it's going to be hard for the people who love pop, because it's really not one or the other,' " she said. "But I just wanted it to be good, so I don't really care about putting a box around myself."

Forbes profiles Dave Eggers and his publishing house, McSweeney's.

While it’s tempting to deem McSweeney's a well-turned cult of personality, its success has more to do with small-business virtues. When he began, Eggers was no stranger to traditional publishing. He’d co-founded the influential but short-lived Gen-X magazine Might in the mid-1990s, which taught him that dependence on advertising is a road to frustration.

Liza Minelli talks to Broadway World about singing on the new My Chemical Romance album.

Speaking of the internet, last week, I went to iTunes and downloaded My Chemical Romance's song "Mama". Tell me your reaction when they asked you to record for them.

LM: I immediately said, "Yes". I think they are wonderful. I mean, they take chances and they understand shock value, and yet, the music is good. Everyone is saying, "This is so different." They…go for something completely different. That, I love about anybody.

The Age examines cases of literary plagiarism through the years.

Washington Post literary critic Jonathan Yardley chooses his favorite books of 2006.

A Washington Post writer chooses "person of interest" as his word of the year.

Status Ain't Hood dubs singer-songwriter Sally Shapiro "the new Belle & Sebastian."

The last time we saw that kind of fetishized shyness in a musician, it was 1998 and his name was Stuart Murdoch. Now that they've mutated into a consistent touring unit, it's hard to remember when Belle and Sebastian wouldn't allow anyone to photograph them, when they wouldn't do interviews or play shows anywhere except falling-apart churches with birds' nests in the rafters. But there was once something fascinating and mysterious about that band; their elusiveness and their music went together perfectly. Shapiro's elusiveness works in the exact same way.

Seattlest lists bestselling albums from local indie record stores Sonic Boom and Easy Street.

New Music Strategies lists "five websites that help you encourage people you don’t know yet to share their love for your music with people they don’t know yet."

Former XTC frontman Andy Partridge talks to about "music you should hear. So what would you like to recommend to your fans?

Partridge: Well, you know what I've been buying recently? I've been treating myself to a lot of the records on the Impulse! label, which I used to have as a very young man, when I was very into the sort of the out-there side of jazz. And maybe it's the Monstrance effect, but I find myself drawn back to more exploratory music, and I've been buying myself quite a few things on the Impulse! label, stuff like Pharoah Sanders. I've been shuffling around my house in my slippers, going, "The creator has a master plan." So Pharoah Sanders and John Coltrane and Mingus. Those three, I guess you kind of call them samplers, I guess, but they're sort of guides to the Impulse! label. But those three artists...

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