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December 9, 2006


Today's 2006 best music lists (see also: the master list of 2006 music lists):

1, 2, 3 ... Jamboree! (top albums)
Blogging Solo (best music)
Applied Debauchery (favorite albums)
Crushed By Inertia (albums)
down Dixon (favorite albums)
Each Note Secure (favorite concerts)
Each Note Secure (favorite songs)
Each Note Secure (top EPs)
Elastic Heart (albums)
Futancy (favourite albums)
Kwaya Na Kisser (top songs)
The Late Greats (top songs)
A Little Song and Dance (top albums)
Livin the Jules Life (albums)
Making Flippy Floppy (best albums)
Marmiteboy on Toast (songs)
onthetracks (top albums)
Parkerla (best album)
The Passion of the Weiss (underrated albums)
R.A.M.O.N.E. (best music)
Slurry Beta (best albums)
Sonorant Conglomerate (top albums)
This One Bird Didn't Leave You (top albums)
TractorFacts (albums, singles)
Tufts Observer (albums)
Twisted Thoughts (albums)
Vincent Lane's Way of Thinking (top hip hop albums)
Wilcox vox (favorite album)
Yeti Don't Dance (favorite albums)

The Anchorage Press lists their best fiction of 2006.

The Globe and Mail reviews the year's best holiday albums.

The Economist lists their books of the year.

Forward, Russia! plays an in-studio performance at Minnesota Public Radio.

The Times Online examines the significance of Georges Remi's Tintin comics.

Last week, Said the Gramophone had artist Matthew Feld illustrate a couple of songs as part of the "Said the Guests" series.

Singer-songwriter Jeremy Enigk and mewithoutYou's Aaron Weiss talk about their faith in Synthesis.

AW: Do you worry that being tied in with God or even using the word "Christ" will make you associated with this very different political party and this whole view of what that has come to mean for Americans? Do you find yourself shying away from the language of Christianity as a result of that?

JE: I have. I have completely shied away from the dogmatic idea of religion. But I want to get to this point where I embrace it for myself and understand it individually rather than as a whole. Nobody can tell me what I understand. I have to understand and experience for myself to take it to heart. That's what religion is to me-a lot of times blindly believing because somebody told you. But I was always somebody who had to experience and understand it for myself, because that was more important.

Playlist lists iPod accessories of the year.

A California bookseller recommends books to the Los Angeles Times.

I'd also mention three books that haven't received the attention they deserve, even though people in my field talk about them all the time. "An Alphabetical Life" by Wendy Werris is a perceptive and entertaining coming-of-age memoir of a sales rep for a publisher in Southern California. Debra Ginsberg's "Blind Submission" owes a debt to "The Devil Wears Prada," but her novel takes us into a little-known corner of the industry — the literary agency — in wonderfully entertaining ways. Dana Spiotta's novel "Eat the Document" was a finalist for this year's National Book Award and is masterfully written, intellectually provocative and can make you shed tears.

The Guardian examines the works and legacy of author Willa Cather.

The University of Pennsylvania's Current interviews David Dye of WXPN's World Cafe, and he lists his five favorite albums of all time.

Q. When you launched The World Cafe, was there any other public radio show like it?

A. We really were one of the few that was doing this and we got a little resistance from public radio at the beginning, with people asking, “Who needs a popular music show on public radio?” But they didn’t understand what we were going to do, or that the music we were going to highlight was not getting played on commercial radio, and barely on public radio.

Twangville lists its favorite Christmas albums.

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