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December 12, 2006


Passion of the Weiss writes haikus for the year's most overhyped albums, and the Parasol Records staff shares their favorite albums of the year.

Today's 2006 best music lists (see also: the master list of 2006 online music lists):

1,2,3... Jamboreee! - Cary (best albums)
The 9513 - Jenna (best country albums)
The CDP (top albums, ongoing)
Charlantric (top albums)
Confessions of a Music Addict (top albums)
Daily Nebraskan (top albums)
Destination... Nowhere (best songs)
EZ Snappin's Crackle & Pop (top albums)
Funtime OK (top albums)
I Dreamt I Was an Architect (favorite albums)
IMArobot for Filter (top albums)
Jim Stanley Has Opinions (best albums, ongoing)
kissCut (top albums)
Let's Blog It Out You Little Bitches! (top songs)
Listen, I've Come To Rock This Boat (albums)
Machines Against the Rage (top albums)
mediocresau (best, worst albums)
Music, etc. (albums, ongoing)
The Music Room (disappointing albums)
My Old Kentucky Blog (best EPs)
Parasol Records staff (albums)
Pascal Likes Emo (best albums)
Passion of the Weiss (overhyped albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (jazz albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (local albums)
Pop Culture, reviewed (best albums)
Pretentious Prattle (best singles)
RetroLoFi (assorted music)
Said the Gramophone (best music, albums, etc.)
scumbagstyle (albums)
Skatterbrain (best albums)
SnoopS' hoekje (albums)
The Sound Opinion - Dave (top albums)
Subinev (favorite EPs)
Theft Liable to Prosecution (favorite albums)
Theme Park Experience (2005 releases enjoyed this year)
Thepunkguy (music)
tyler-blog (best albums)
The Ugly Fourum (best albums, ongoing)
Waking Up With Morning Song (albums, ongoing)
The Web Pen Blog (favorite albums)
whitebiydancefloor (worst albums)
Yer Mam! (top albums, ongoing)
Yeti Don't Dance (top albums for social and peer approval)

For Wolf Notes, I wrote a short essay about why I love the Dickies' Dawn of the Dickies album (and why everyone else should, too).

The Boston Globe interviews Ghostface.

Q Hip-hop careers are seldom long-lasting. You're 36 . What's it like for a rapper to get older?

A It's hard. Once you stop hearing yourself on the radio and see there's a new generation coming up, you tend to lose your swagger. I've seen a lot of artists go like that. I get nervous for that. But deep down it's starting to feel like I'm always going to do this. You got to change, you got to go with the times, and I'm not afraid. It'll be a new phase. I can talk about my iced-out cane.

Daytrotter has singer-songwriter Nina Nastasia in the studio for a performance and interview.

The Independent reviews Nina Nastasia's recent London performance.

LAist reports that Showtime has ordered a soap script from novelist Bret Easton Ellis.

Dubbed "The Canyon", Ellis will be working with the cable network to produce something that (sadly) sounds more like "Friday the 13th" than "Twin Peaks".

My Old Kentucky Blog's Dodge has made Pop Candy's list of the top 100 people of 2006.

Google Video has a clip of Sleater-Kinney's Corin Tucker's appearance on Wonder Showzen.

Salon lists the best book debuts of 2006.

Harp profiles Chicago band Catfish Haven.

NPR is streaming Ray LaMontagne's recent Washington performance.

No Love For Ned's streaming radio show features an in-studio set from Two Dollar Guitar this week.

KCRW is streaming yesterday's Aimee Mann live performance, complete with holiday songs from her album, One More Drifter in the Snow.

rbally is sharing a 1994 Breeders show, complete with one of the most unflattering photos of Kim Deal I have ever seen.

The Guardian reports that the world's oldest record shop may be forced to close.

Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti talks to Bloomberg, who reported that he has been named a French Commandeur des Arts et Lettres.

``Everyone else is doing all the work at City Lights nowadays,'' he said. ``I'm still hanging around, editing a few books. I'm working on the second volume of the writings of Pier Paolo Pasolini, who is mainly known in this country as a filmmaker but in Italy is considered one of the most important writers in Italy since the Second World War.''

My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden talks to the Vancouver Province.

Worden comes from a musical family, with a father who is a former National Accordion Champion and an organ-playing mother. When asked about her parents' influence on her musical career, she speaks almost wistfully. "They put me in piano lessons and made me keep going, but I wish they had pushed me more. It was the choral program at my Michigan high school that had the most musical impact on me."

The Bonnaroo music festival has announced their dates for 2007: June 14th-17th.

Drowned in Sound interviews Conrad Keely of ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead.

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