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December 13, 2006


Andrew Taylor Recommends has the most unique 2006 wrapup added today, with his favorite albums presented as members of the 1998 Chicago Bulls. Berkeley Place lists its top covers and mash ups, and includes a short set from Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood consisting of all Rolling Stones covers.

Today's 2006 best music lists (see also: the master list of 2006 online music lists):

The A.V. Club (best albums)
Andrew Taylor Recommends (favorite albums)
Autorock (top albums)
Barbelith Underground community (albums)
Barbelith Underground community (songs)
BBC Collective (best albums)
Berkeley Place (top covers, mash ups)
Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (top albums)
Can You See the Sun from the Southside? (top albums, ongoing)
The Capital and the Civilian (top albums)
Close Readings (top albums) (best albums)
The Dawn Chorus (top albums)
Decibel Magazine (top albums)
Definitely Maybe (best reissues)
Dermot (top albums)
Dusted (albums)
Dusted - Matthew Wuethrich (favorite albums)
Dusted - Rob Hatch-Miller (favorite albums)
Dusted (sac-ripping cassettes)
Eisley for Filter (top albums)
Ekballo (top albums)
Electric Goose (top tracks)
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (top albums, ongoing)
Enjoy and Exciting! (albums)
Fabulist (favorite albums)
Fallen not Broken (albums)
False 45th (albums, songs)
Fat Bobby of Oneida for Harmonium (music)
Flux-Rad (top albums, ongoing)
Gomad361 (top albums)
Guardian - Jude Rogers (top albums)
High in the Tower Under the Sea (top albums)
how's your bell curve? (best albums)
hyperrealandsupercool (top albums)
I Rock Cleveland (top albums)
I Rock Cleveland (top singles)
In League with Paton (popular song)
Indiefolkforever (best reissues)
industrial_grrl (music)
iTunes (songs, staff picks)
Jared's Blog (best albums)
Jeremy Enigk for Filter (top albums)
JVO (best albums)
LeftyBrown's Corner (favorite albums, ongoing)
linesthroughlines (top songs)
The Long Cut (best albums)
Mac McCaughan for Filter (top albums)
markro311 (top songs, ongoing)
markthehorizon (top albums)
Merapu Rapu Rapu (top albums)
MM Art Blog (top Irish albums)
Mundane Sounds (bliss-out records)
Musicisnotdead - Erik (top albums)
Musings and Observations On A Strange World (influential albums)
My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion (top albums)
News Blog (albums)
OnMilwaukee (albums, concerts)
OnMilwaukee - Julie Lawrence (albums, concerts)
Papermag blog (top albums, ongoing)
Peanut's Playground (albums)
Perfume for Cologne (albums, ongoing)
Phish & Chips (best albums)
Pitchfork (top music videos)
Popmatters (best world music albums)
Popmatters (indie pop albums)
Random Meanderings of an Oregonian Trapped on the East Coast (best albums)
Record Jerk (top albums)
Records I Buy (best albums)
Refinery29 (top albums)
RH3TTSP3TT (best albums)
The Rob Blog (top albums)
Rolling Stone (top songs)
Said the Gramophone (songs)
Scott Evans (albums)
Sessions of Breakfast (top albums)
The Sloppy Dog (best albums)
Somewhat Cool (top albums)
Sound Generator (top albums)
soundjudgement (albums, Portland artists)
Tingle's Blog (favorite albums)
Toiling in Perpetuity (top albums)
Treble (top songs, ongoing)
UCLA Radio (favorite albums)
The Underrated Blog (best EPs)
Untitled (favorite albums)
Yellow Stereo - Chandler (top albums)
You Can Call Me Betty (albums)
You Were Wrong Cabinet Sanchez (top albums)

DeSoto Records has set up a fund for Callum Robbins, the baby son of Channels members J. Robbins and Janet Morgan. Callum was born with a genetic motor neuron disease called Type 1 SMA, or Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and "every dollar you give will provide Cal support to pursue treatment for this terrible disease." I made a donation, and encourage anyone who can to help out as well.

Former XTC frontman Andy Partridge talks to the Boston Globe about his recently released solo box set, The Fuzzy Warbles Collectors Album.

Q. You've got a lot of songs here that could be on any XTC album. And then a lot of things that can best be described as oddities?

A. It's answering-phone messages, it's jingles we did, it's rejected film music, it's rejected songs we did for other people. It's basically a dumpster of stuff I have no use for.

Popmatters interviews singer-songwriter Juana Molina.

Are lyrics the last thing you add to a song?

Yes. I am very careful with lyrics. I wouldn’t like it to sound silly or stupid or pretentious, so I try to find my own way of speaking using words I feel that belong to me or my way of talking. The problem with lyrics is the code. Like talking with people in a different language. They can communicate but the code is missing. And they think the whole thing, the whole communication is the code. And if I don’t have it, I’m a little lost. That is why I write in Spanish.

The Daily Reel doesn't mean to "get all hyperbolic on you," but says this of singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens:

I don't mean to get all hyperbolic on you, but Sufjan Stevens is the closest thing this generation has to a Brian Wilson. His ambition knows no bounds, his compositions are both esoteric and universal, his instrumentation is chaotic yet graceful, his attitude both incredibly optimistic and hopelessly heartbroken, and his influences are almost strictly Americana. Hopefully his relatively recent yet prolific career will continue to produce more masterpieces; he has yet to misstep.

The Trades interviews Gene Yang, artist and author of American Born Chinese, the first graphic novel ever named finalist for the national Book Award.

Jonathan: The story is accessible to young adults, but it has enough depth to reach adults as well. Could you speak to that?

Gene: Well, I'm honored that you think so! I do think that comics are finally "arriving" as a medium. The comics community has been creating literary-minded works for over two decades, and we're reaching critical mass. I'm very privileged to be a part of that.

Salon interviews author Alison Bechdel, and excerpts from her graphic memoir, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic.

In "Fun Home" as well as "Dykes to Watch Out For," you play around a lot with unexpected (and funny) conjunctions -- verbal and visual puns and coincidences. Do you specifically look for them, or are they naturally part of the way you experience the world?

I think that's a symptom of my attention surfeit disorder. Or perhaps of something worse, a grandiosity complex in which I interpret all phenomena as personally meaningful. Whichever it is, seeing these visual and verbal connections everywhere is definitely a natural part of the way I experience the world. But I cultivate them a bit too.

Harp profiles singer-songwriter Grayson Capps.

In the San Francisco Bay-Guardian, author Michelle Tea offers older book suggestions for holiday gift-giving.

The Courier-Mail interviews Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher.

Q: You're a big Beatles fan. What do you think of Love, their new remix album done by Sir George Martin and his son Giles?

A: It's f--ken ridiculous. I don't like it and it annoys the shit out of me. I hate everything about it: the cover, the sleeve notes, the way the tunes are mixed and sound. Why would you do that? God forbid that ever happens with our music, although we would be powerless to stop it.

Singer-songwriter Lou Reed talks to the New York Times about his 1973 album, Berlin.

“It’s a great album,” he said. (He has also called it a masterpiece.) “I admire it. It’s trying to be real, to apply novelists’ ideas and techniques into a rock format.” He mentioned William S. Burroughs, Hubert Selby Jr., Allen Ginsberg and Raymond Chandler as literary models.

“But it sounds so pretentious saying that.” he added. “It just sounds too B.A. in English. Which I have. So there you go.”

PocketGamer Blog points out the open source MoonBooks Project, which allows classic literature to be read on a Nintendo DS.

Madison Capital Times writers list their favorite books of the year.

Salon lists the best fiction books of 2006.

DJ Riko is sharing his holiday mixes past and present.

Thanks to Pop Candy's Whitney Matheson who called LHB one of the "ten blogs that saved me from insanity in 2006." My wife says I am making her insane, so I guess there is truth to the yin and yang.

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