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December 19, 2006


The Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot offers "gift ideas for the music lover on your list."

The New York Post lists the "206 best songs to download from 2006."

Singer-songwriter Aimee Mann talks to the Washington Times about her holiday album, One More Drifter in the Snow.

"I've never done a record of someone else's songs," she says. "As a musician, it's really fun to just concentrate on singing and not have to play guitar or anything. It certainly frees you up to have a bunch of different songs to choose from, and Lord knows that there are millions of Christmas songs out there."

The A.V. Club reviews the album.

Stylus offers its second annual "haiku marathon," with poems about 2006 music releases.

Joanna Newsom - Ys

Fay diddle wain, oh!
And the bear tum tiddle moon
Oh god please kill me

Asobi Seksu - Citrus

Lush orange music
Bright, delicious and diverse
Kilroy is jealous

Popmatters lists its best reissues of 2006.

The A.V. Club interviews Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond.

AVC: Coming from a classical music background, is it relatively easy for you to write and perform pop music?

SW: I think it's true that classical music is more sophisticated and it certainly requires a technical level that is something very different than what is required for pop music. That said, a tune like "Wild Is The Wind" or anything Tom Waits has ever written, or even records by Prince or Michael Jackson or anything that you would say is a really poppy record, it's still equally as brilliant in my mind as Mozart. It's different. I've gotten myself in a lot of trouble for placing value on Mozart versus Dolly Parton. They both have really big hair. [Laughs.]

The New York Sun recaps the year in music, calling 2006 "the year of the chanteuse."

Tyee offers holiday book gift suggestions.

The Pogues' Spider Stacy talks to Harp.

“We were obviously fulfilling a need, and there were all these second-, third-generation Irish kids who took to it,” Stacy says. “We weren’t out to shock anyone, but there was something in us that quite enjoyed walking onstage in a punk club with our banjos, our tin whistles, our accordions, and clocking the looks on the faces of the people who are expecting some sort of ‘ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR!’ [makes buzzsaw/fuzz guitar sound] thing. Well, they would get the ‘ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR!’—but without the fuzz!”

Drowned in Sound lists the "Best Indie Christmas Album Of All Time… Ever!... Ever!"

a sampling of the tracks:

The Strokes – 'Sleazebag'
Dryly and wittily, like a man singing to his drunk mate down the phone, Julian Casablancas tells a tale of how one Christmas Eve, he got really drunk in a series of bars before getting sucked off by a model in a telephone booth. And he didn't give a f*ck, because "those girls are so cold, her friend was so easy, I need a space for my head and New York is dead".

Pavement – 'Sheriff Santa'
A reformed Stephen Malkmus, Spiral Stairs and co write a jaunty, angular and unfathomable effort that mentions nothing about the festive season nor the law, instead proffering a chorus of "and the spoons go in the pan, and the cars in the garage, I need a hot summer for Beirut". Marvellous. It'd also be cherry picked to appear on Uncut's monthly CD and hailed as "a return to form".

Hardest Walk is dreaming of a "white noise Christmas."

At Slate, Carl Wilson recaps the year in music.

Rolling Stone finds fault in Pitchfork's top 100 tracks of 206.

The Independent examines the pop culture significance of the penguin.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune offers young adult book suggestions.

Comixpedia unveils its "people of webcomics list" for 2006.

The New Yorker kicks off its first podcast with an interview with author Richard Ford.

Drowned in Sound interviews Thunderbirds Are Now frontman Ryan Allen.

Apple Mac or PC? And why?

Macintosh, because our bassist Julian works at the Mac store and he said he'd get fired if we answered PC. Alternate answer: Commodore 64, solely based off the merits of its Street Soccer and Incredible Hulk video games.

The Times Online lists its favorite songs of the year, complete with YouTube videos.

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